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Copy of Social Media: A Key Project Component

No description

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Social Media: A Key Project Component

I-95 Corridor Planning & Finance Study
Statewide, North Carolina

Engineering Project Case Studies

Social Media
A Key Project Component
Manhattan College | February 23, 2011 | Stephanie Brooks
.. The fastest
growing medium
of communication.
.. An emerging tool for public involvement in engineering projects.
Engineering Case Studies
Public Involvement
Alamo Regional Mobility Authority
Massive Environmental Impact Study (EIS)
North Carolina Department of Transportation
What’s Your View?
Using Social Media to Inform North Carolina’s I-95
Corridor Planning/Finance Study
New technologies help engage stakeholders
to provide accurate, real-time project input.

Public Involvement
For an EIS, the Public Record is a KEY COMPONENT for the client.
Interactive GIS
Social Media Classroom
Social Media Branding are KEY:
All outreach methods linked & instantly recognizable
Public Education MADE EASY:
Incorporate elements that help stakeholders understand
the process and tools being used.

For an entire Statewide Study,
social media offers low cost & high input.
Corridor Study landing web page offers entire range
of outreach to reach as many people as possible.

Statewide Reach a KEY REQUIREMENT:
Integrating Google & social media allows input
to be tracked and inputted from numerous locations

Statewide Reach a KEY REQUIREMENT:

Engaging Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds
ensuring media posts get sent via email to those
populations not using Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Idea-sharing among Colleagues

Conferences and Networking

Virtual Meetings/Webinars/Training

Smart Phone QR (Quick Response) Codes in Print

San Antonio, TX
Alamo RMA
Loop 1604 Study
Statewide, North Carolina

I-95 Corridor Planning
& Finance Study
Over 60% of
Fortune 1000 Companies
used online communities
in 2010.
and just plain cool stuff at work.
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