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Week February 20-24

No description

Kelly Lemmon

on 20 February 2017

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Transcript of Week February 20-24

Literature Circles
You will continue to meet with your literature circles each day. I seems that you are finishing up your weeks worth of reading early. How about making a plan to finish your novels by next week. We will at that time begin research and implementation of project.
Watch video
Choose a Hero
From the video, choose a hero that you would like to research. When you choose a hero, let me know. Only one hero per person. This hero must be African American and has had a strong impact on human relationships. Things to research should be background, struggles that your hero faced, what your hero did to help change the world. Once you have finished researching, you will create a Smore to commemorate your hero.
You will read, annotate and answer the questions for Nightmare On Chemical Street. You will find the story on the front bookcase. Turn into the tray when finished.
Look in your binder and do the text set named February 20-24. There are 3 assignments. Log your score on the clipboard when you are finished.
Studies Weekly
You will complete the crossword for Studies Weekly #18. Be sure to show me the crossword. No need to print.

Week February 20-24
There is a lot to do this week.

You may work on your stems that
are due March 2.
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