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powerpoint breily

No description

marvelli terveus

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of powerpoint breily

powerpoint breily
to begin
open powerpoint
if open, begin a new file
begin to creat presentation
once inside
choose appropriate slide layout
being a type the info onto the slide
do one slide at a time
new slide
slide the insert new slide button
choose a layout
new slides appear after the slide you are working on when you insert the new one
slide view
shows one slide at a time
allows you to easily work on the slide
there are several ways to do everything
you may prefer one way over another
practice is key to mastering the program
this demo shows only part of the program
general commands regardless of view you work in
cut, copy, and pastic
font selection and size
bold, italic, and underline
left, center right, and justify
font color
other view
buttons natigate between view
notes view
outline view
slide sorter viw
clip art
easily interested
view the slide you want clip art on
choose insert, picture, clip art, ETC
resize as needed
videos and sound
insert the same was as clip art
play them by clicking during the presentation
advanced playback options are available
easily inserted from excel
in excel, select and copy the graph
open the powerpoint slide you want the graph on
paste the graph in
resize as needed
slide master
illustrates the master layout for your presentation
accessed clicking view, master, slide master
edit it neccessary
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