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Lord of the Rings Archetypes by Kendall Herndon

No description

Kendall Herndon

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Lord of the Rings Archetypes by Kendall Herndon

Galadriel: The Nurturing Mother
Galadriel takes the role of a Nuturing Mother because when Frodo offers her the ring, she becomes filled with darkness and power but somehow comes back to her senses and tells Frodo, " I will diminish, I will go into the West, and remain Galadriel." This shows that she cares for Frodo and wants him to continue to grow as a hero.
Sam, Gimli & Legolas: Sidekicks
Arwen: The Maiden
Lord Sauron: The Villain
The antagonist in most stories is often portrayed as an evil Dark Lord who is often obsessed with world domination and/or killing the hero. Villains are shown as nearly impossible to defeat, either through his magical power or his armed forces. Sauron has both, as he has created an army of orcs with his powerful magic. In the story, Sauron seeks to retrieve the One Ring from Frodo and cause Middle-Earth to fall into shadow.
Gandalf: The Mentor and Wise Old Man
Gandalf acts as a best friend and a trusted companion to Frodo. He is there for Frodo from beginning to end, even when all hope is lost despite the costs and sacrifices the relationship forces upon him.
Frodo & Aragorn: The Hero
Frodo is a hero due to the fact that he undertakes a difficult task, however, unlike an epic hero such as Odysseus in the Odyssey, Frodo gets the responsibility, not by his own mistake. Instead, the responsibility was thrust upon him and he willingly accepts. Frodo relates most to the archetype of Ares because he is fighting for something others are afraid of and accepts the challenge, fearless.

Aragorn plays the role of a "hidden hero" in Lord of the Rings. His journey is not necessarily viewed but it is still present. Aragorn's journey happens within himself as he develops from a ranger to a king. Throughout the story, After Aragorn announces his identity during a meeting of the Fellowship, he becomes more confident. He demonstrates his strong leadership when he shows conviction and strength before the leaders of Rohan.
Lord of the Rings Archetypes by Kendall Herndon
Arwen is known for her great charm and beauty. She is the daughter of Elrond and was first seen by Frodo at a Fellowship conference. At first, Frodo couldn't believe his eyes that such beauty existed in Middle-Earth. He felt nervous, but honore to sit next to her and Elrond at the conference of the member of the Fellowship.
Boromir: Nemesis
Merry & Pippin: Tricksters
Refusal to Call
Meeting With Mentor
Crossing First Threshold
Call to Adventure
Ordinary World
Frodo doesn't understand why Gandalf can't take the ring to Rivendell himself because he is afraid to leave the shire. Frodo realizes that certain things are after the special ring and doesn't want to be the one carrying it.
Gandalf is Frodo's main mentor throughout his journey. When Frodo lived in the shire, Gandalf looked after him. Also, Gandalf helps Frodo understand things about the other world and tells him how to destroy the ring.
As soon as Frodo, Merry, Pippin, and Sam leave the shire, Ringwraiths come after them in search for the ring. Frodo then realizes that this world is totally different from his ordinary world and anyone will kill him just for the ring.
One of Frodo's many tests is that he is presented with a task that nobody thinks he can accomplish. His allies include: Gandalf, Legolas, Aragorn, Merry, Pippin, and Sam. His enemies include: Sauron, goblins, and orks.
Frodo Baggins, who is a hobbit lives in a peaceful shire. Frodo was raised to believe that the world was filled with nothing but good things and people. He is unaware of what goes on outside of his world.
Bilbo Baggins gives Frodo a ring which is later examined by Gandalf. Gandalf notices that is the ring of Sauron and gives Frodo the task of taking the ring to Rivendell so it can be taken to Mount Doom to be destroyed.
Road Back
Return With Elixir
Approach Inmost Cave
Frodo and his friends finally make it up to Rivendell which was the task given by Gandalf. After their great accomplishment, Frodo and his friend begin to make plans to make their way back to the shire.
Frod volunteers to take the ring to Mordor with the Fellowship to destroy it. During this time, Frodo has to overcome an obstacle; temporarily losing his mentor, Gandalf.
Boromir tries to take the ring from Frodo, however, the Urakai step in. Frodo then decides that it is safer for him to travel alone. He makes this decision based on his idea that others cannot resist the ring and its power as much as he can, so he must travel by himself.
Frodo and Sam are now traveling alone in a strange world but have made much more progress than they would have if they were in a larger group like before. Aside from making much progress to Mordor, the two have also kept the ring in safe hands and away from Sauron.
When Frodo is traveling to Rivendell with Merry, Pippin, Sam, and Aragorn, they come to a night stop in ancient ruins where they attract the attention of Ringwraiths.
Frodo is stabbed by a Ringwraith which will turn him into one if he does not get help soon enough. As he travels with Arwen, he must find the strength in himself to make it to Rivendell to find help. He does and become more serious about his task.

Sam views Frodo like Frodo views the ring; as something to be guided and protected to a destination. Sam's dedication makes him one of the most important members of the Fellowship. He takes his responsibilities very seriously and upholds the vow to never leave Frodo even when the circumstances get tough.

Gimli is an honorable, wise warrior which led him to a friendship with Legolas despite the original hostility. The relationships that Gimli created aided the relationship between elves and dwarves, greatly.

Legolas appears to be a very helpful sidekick. He is very eager to destroy the ring with Frodo and was quick to volunteer to help Frodo in the very beginning.
12 Steps of a Hero
Boromir is a warrior from Gondor who is part of the Fellowship. However, he grows jealous of Frodo. Boromir helps Frodo but at points the jealous gets to him and he wants to hurt Frodo. The jealousy occurs because Boromir wants to be the ring bearer.
Merry and Pippin are very childish characters. They mean well, but do foolish things that often cause trouble for Frodo and themselves. They relate most to the archetype of Hermes.
The movie Lord of the Rings follows the 12 steps of a hero's journey perfectly. The use of archetypes helps better understand a character and their role in a story.
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