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Logistics Management - JITD

HYU Group Project 01

Jongmin Oh

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Logistics Management - JITD

Barilla SpA Case Study Hyejin Kim Octavia Permata Sari Dongwook Shin Jongmin Oh Logistics Management Summary Questions 1 2 3 4 5 Background Products Customers Sales&Marketing Problems What is the impact of transferring demand information across the supply chain? How can the firm cope with the increase in variability? What are the reasons for the increase in variability in Barilla's supply chain? Can the VMI strategy solve the operational problems faced by Barilla? How can the supply chain meet conflicting goals of different partners and facilities? Bad forecasting Too many products from company Small retail distributors Forecast the future demand Bad forecasting Avoid bullwhip effect Reduce the inventory level cost Reduce the manufacturing cost Minimize their inventory level cost Minimize time delivery YES Avoid the stockout problem Build strong relationship with the end consumer 1875
was founded by Pietro Barilla in Parma, Italy 1971
W. R. Grace bought Barilla 1979
back to Pietro Barilla Small independent shops Supermarket chains Independent supermarkets Dry Fresh Bakery Line Advertising Trade Promotions Sales Representatives Increase in variability of demand New idea of supply chain strategy for the company THANK YOU
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