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Black History Project - Aprille Ericsson-Jackson

8-Red Science Mrs. Henry's Class

Cindy Emenalo

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Black History Project - Aprille Ericsson-Jackson

Black History Project Dr. Aprille Ericsson-Jackson Personal Information Education Career & Area of Expertise Family Life Career continued... Education continued... Dr. Aprille at M.I.T. Born in: Brooklyn, NY
Born on: April 1st, 1977
Raised in the Bedford Styvesant neighborhood in Roosevelt projects, DeKalb Avenue
Would have liked to be in the WNBA Dr. Ericsson-Jackson went to:
199 Elementary School (in Brooklyn)
Marine Park Junior High School
Cambridge School of Weston
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Howard University *Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
*Ph.D in Engineering -NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Engineer at Goddard Space Flight Center
Instuctor at Howard University
Instructor & Lecturer at Bowie State University Aerospace engineer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center for over 5 years
1996-1997: Aprille was named one of the top fifty minority women working in Science & Engineering by National Technical Association Oldest of 4 daughters
Decided to move out of New York to continue high school
Moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts when she was 15 and lived with her grandparents
Won 2nd place in Science Fair at Marine Park Junior High School
Scored in 90s on all regent and citywide exams
Passed all entrance exams to NY technical high schools
Accepted into UNITE (now called MITE-Minority Introduction to Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Science) program
Graduated high school with honors
Accepted into M.I.T. Involved in many prestigious and pivotal research projects
The projects included:
-Assisting in developing a fiber optic laser gyroscope
-Creating a database for EVA neutral buoyancy data
-Senior Project: Researched Manned Mars Mission crew systems for interplanetary vehicles How Dr. Aprille Ericsson-Jackson's Work Affects the Community Dr. Aprille at Harvard Awarded a master of engineering degree
Awarded Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
Research objective to develop practical design procedures for future orbiting space structures
Fundings came from: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Coop, NASA Center for Studies of Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Atmospheres, the Wright Patterson Air Force Laboratories, Dorothy Danford Compton Dissertation, NASA DC Space Grant Consortium, Patricia Roberts Harris, and Pacific Telesis Foundation
Dr. Aprille at Goddard Space Flight Center Worked as aerospace engineer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Guidance, Navigation, and Control department
Involved in summer programs like: SEICA & NASA Space Academy
Traveled to: Germany, Canada, England, and other places to get research for 6th International Space Conference for Pacific-Basin Societies
Won 1st place in Ph.D. student competition at 6th International Space Conference for Pacific-Basin Societies Awards *Women in Science and Engineering Award for being best female engineer in 1998
*Recognition Award at Black Engineers Award Conference
*NASA Goddard Honor Award for Excellence in Outreach
*Named one of the Top 18 Women Who Will Change the World
*Group Excellence for TRIMM Project
*NASA representation to White House Goals - Become full-time professor
-Develop a university satellite research center
-Create & chair an Aerospace Department at her Alma mater, Howard University Favorite Saying "Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you're still among the stars." The things that Dr. Aprille has already has helped the community. Her goals will help the community because her teachings will prepare future generations to come. Her ideas and projects will help make research and scientific experiments simpler. She is a phenomenal woman who's thoughts and works continue to carve our community. Aprille Ericsson
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