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Leading by Example Initiative


Kelly Simonsen

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Leading by Example Initiative

アジェンダ その他 Key Component of
Marketing Initiative Best Practices for leading by example Obtain local support for pursuing
energy efficiency measures in utility and
other municipal buildings.

Set a goal
Pass a policy
Designate a team Implement at least one highly visible
community-based renewable energy
demonstration project.

We're on track to have one in each
community by year's end! Evaluate and implement energy efficiency measures.

Determine baseline
Conduct facility audits
Complete the work
Educate employees Purchase renewable energy blocks to
offset energy usage.

Each month, members purchase 390,000 kilowatt-hours of green energy - enough
to power 45 homes.

Projects to Date
(30 members)

48 lighting
10 WWTP equipment
8 HVAC-related
8 street light or traffic light upgrades
Making our communities better places to live and work is at the core
of the public power mission. Smart energy management that invests
in the future begins right at home with our utilities. WPPI offers:

Member Loan program
- $10 million revolving loan fund, zero-interest loans

Municipal funding
- Enhanced financial incentives Next Steps... develop strategic marketing messages and continue with customer education Leading by Example

One of the most important ways we can
mitigate future cost increases is to help customers reduce waste and use electricity much more efficiently.

We can be models for our communities by also implementing measures that save energy and help control costs. Leading by Example Initiative Work with interested members to increase activity report progress and recognize leadership An initiative to encourage municipal
"best practices" and demonstrate local leadership in energy sustainability The goals of the effort:
Help members save energy and money
Establish members as models
Communicate accomplishments to customers Tools and templates
Staff assistance and expertise Members can use energy conservation grants
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