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Text Messaging

Does text messaging affect the communication skills of individuals who text on a regular basis?

Nick Branham

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Text Messaging

Texting Does text messaging affect the communication skills of individuals who text on a regular basis? History of texting Texting started in the UK, in 1992, when Neil Papworth sent the first SMS to his friend. Since then texting has become one of the biggest forms of communication. AT&T reported that over 120 billion texts were sent in 2009. As advances in technology continue this number is sure to rise. Grammar Students are carrying over texting habits into their
school work. They continue to use abbreviations and
make foolish punctuation mistakes. " A national telephone
poll of 700 youth ages 12 to 17 and parents found that 64
percent of teens admit that the breezy shortcuts and symbols
commonly used in text messaging have appeared in their
school assignments"(Text messaging and its effects). Face to face communication Relationships Also they tend to use short, incomplete
sentences. This can be expected when teens
send and receive about 1800 texts a month.
The students tend to think that shortened
ansers will also "get the job done" with
assignments. As technology advances, kids continue to
receive new methods of communicating while
the parents are stuck with their old ways.
This causes a gap to grow between parents and
their kids and they are no longer able to
communicate well.
People no longer feel comfortable talking in
person and resort to texting the message.
"I think it's easier to say anything with text
messages. You can't stutter, it's not as awkward-
feeling. I feel more comfortable talking to
people that way"(Sultan). Texting also causes users to lose some communication skills. "Teens need to learn how to respond and pick up on verbal cues, how to spontaneously respond to questions without having to compose or construct a response and how to effectively handle confrontation"(Sultan). Xtranormal Video Texting is causing problems with communication
in the family. "The fact of the matter is I would
much rather text my daughter--this sounds bad--but
I'd much rather text her and she'd much rather
text me than talk to me"(Walden). Kids would rather not talk to their parents in person because they can get their point across faster through texting. Texting is also causing
adolescent relationships
to struggle. Their is
miscommunication and
messages are taken the
wrong way. Also texters are asking others out through texting and breaking up with them instead of dealing with the embarrasment and rejection in person. The End
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