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Medical Robots

No description

Alexandria Narcisse

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Medical Robots

Thank You For Wacthing!
What task does a medical robot perform?
They can perform surgery.
They can transport materials.
They can dispense medicine.
What is human function or task does a medical robot simulate?
They can do doctors morning round.
They can deliver daily medicine.
Where is a medical robot used?
Nursery homes
How is the medical robot taught to perform its task?
They have specific information given like raise arm to grab the needle. They also may have controllers that helps the robot move when someone presses buttons orpetals to control the robot.

What sensors does the medical robot have and how does the medical robot use these sensors?
They have grippers and laparoscopic instrument
They do not provide tactile sensation, so there is no way a surgeon can sense how much force is being applied when using the instrument durning a robotic surgey.
By: Alexandria Narcisse & Nubia Ramos Hernandez
Medical Robots
Advantages and disadvantages of a medical robot?
The patients recovery is quicker.
Patients go back to regular activity 50% faster
That it cost more for the surgery.
They need more training to separate.
Describe the impact that this medical robot has had or could have on its intended audience?
The impact that a medical robot has had or could have on this intended audience is that it is programed to do surgery faster and more affeciently humans are not as affcient as robots.
What type of Jobs/careers can this medical robot create to provided employment for people?
Jobs that medical robots create to provide employed for people are doctors, dentist, nurses and more.
How do you think medical robots be altered perform more or different task in the future?
Medical robots can maybe complete the task of being able to tell the type of sickness the patient has.
Medical robots!
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