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Robel Semunegus

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Palestine

Palestine/Israeli Conflict the never ending conflict Forms of Conflict Palestine Israel the spatial extent of the conflict How long Dates of Conflict How many people have been affected? In what ways? The tension between them is very strong and has been going on for over 70 years. The Jewish immigration did not really take a toll until the 1920’s but we could also see Israel declaring its independence as a start of the conflict as well. The UN voted to split the Arab and Jews into different sections, after the 1948 Israeli War for Independence but the Arabs immediately started to protest with blockades and ambushes. The war won by Israel made way for large number of Arab refugees. This has led to 4.6 million displaced people, 3.7 million who are registered in the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees). estimated around 1947 - present http://www.wisegeek.org/what-are-some-causes-of-the-israeli-palestinian-conflict.htm Sources The reason why this conflict is going on is because the Palestinians and the Arabs are fighting over a piece of land they believe is their homeland. The Arab believe that it is their home land because they were there first and exiled. While the Palestinians believe that it is their land since they colonized it. The forces that the conflict includes are mostly centrifugal because it weakens the state by having so much turmoil and centripetal because it brings the Israelis together to hate the Palestinians and the Palestinians together to hate the Israelis. Britain, after World War II and the Holocaust, gave the Jews them the land they wanted in compensation for the recent crimes committed against them. Unfortunately, the Palestinians were already there and did not want to give up their land. Conflict and violence has arose since than for control of the land but Jerusalem has remained a neutral zone. History of the Conflict Open violence
- violence unbalanced between
both sides.
-children used in attacks; mainly Palestine
- Gaza strip
-violent demonstrations, shelling, and artillery
-more than 30 laws against Palestine citizens of Israel
- many Palestinian villages unrecognized by government and receive no aid
- extremist groups like Hamas and suicide attacks internal violence but it affects politics worldwide From the cause of this war of conflict more than thousands of people have been affected by this tension between the Arabs and Israel. The Gaza strip, tension between the two and the hostility has prevented either on of them to move on and to see a solution in the near future. It affected the structure and basis of the Israeli and Palestinian governments, the productivity of both economies, and the messages rooted in of both peoples. http://www.israel-palestina.info/arab-israeli_conflict-html/ http://voices.yahoo.com/the-effects-arab-israeli-conflict-modern-1517705.html?cat=37 Situation so far.... -Since 1987 over 7978 Palestinians have died
and over 1503 Iranians have died since 1987.
http://shanna11.hubpages.com/hub/Israel-Palestine-Conflict-Death-Toll - Palestine was recognized by the U.N. recently - Iran has fewer loss of lives because they have more organized army
-Palestine, for the most parts, has civilians that are used to fight
-Palestinian children have been involved in many attacks at Isralei check points and road blocks http://www.mideastweb.org/refugees1.htm -Recently a
lot of fighting
has occurred
along the
Gaza strip -Jerusalem is
a neutral zone
for Christians,
Jews, and
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