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The Picture of Dorian Gray Doppelganger

No description

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of The Picture of Dorian Gray Doppelganger

The Doppelganger Motif Tushar Rastogi
Richard Villatoro
Katie Davis
Laura Castillo
Daniela Colina Background And Literary Examples You're doing it wrong! Misuse Dani's Doppelganger? Our "Doppelgangers" Literary Examples Background The Painting What is a Doppelganger? Why? Doppelganger in Dorian Gray The artwork that Basil created for Dorian is a variation of the doppelganger motif. The picture is identical to Dorian, and this second self that Basil creates begins to torment and ultimately destroy the character of Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde uses the doppelganger motif in order to convey the message that superficial impressions are meaningless and that corruption can lay behind beauty. German for "Double walker"
Spiritual/paranormal double, doesn't have to necessarily look the same
dual opposite to their "good" counterpart
Now a days, it is interchangeable with "Evil twin"
In some old folktales: omen of death
Dorian Gray's doppelganger is the painting.
Doppelgangers have been used throughout history, literature, and film. Doppelgangers are viewed as an ominous form of bilocation, the phenomenon of being in two places at once. They are believed to be a sign of bad luck and when seen by a person's friends or relatives, foreshadow a coming illness or danger. In addition, seeing one's own doppelganger (much like how Dorian Gray saw his) is an omen of death. Throughout history, whether it be from Norse, Finnish, or Egyptian mythology, doppelgangers are seen as being the double of a person’s spirit who shares the memories and feelings of the original.
The Picture of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde
William Wilson- Edgar Allen Poe
The Poor Clare- Elizabeth Gaskell Doppelgangers have been misinterpreted In some cases, as the double that may be the result of a person being in two places at once, or even an individual's past or future self. Other times, the double is merely a look-alike, a second individual who shares a strong visual resemblance. We'll leave that up to you guys ;) What do vardøger, etiäinen, and a ka have in common? Tushar's (for obvious reasons) Richard's Katie's Laura's (this was insanely hard to find...don't ask how we found it) Thanks for Watching!
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