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Jason Kuleshnyk

on 11 April 2013

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Hockey Question 1 Question 3... Question 4 That is what our group
did thanks for watching The longest NHL game took 2:56:30. I know this because 1:56:30 + 0:60:00 = 2:56:30 How Much longer was the longest game in this table compared to the shortest game in this table. 2:56:30-2:8:47=0:48:23. A regulation NHL game is 60 minutes long like many other sports, a game takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to play. At the same rate, how long did it take to play the Dallas
VS. San Jose in 2008 which was 129minutes
long. That is, about how long in real time did this game go on for?
2:30+2:30=5:00. 1 Period is about 30-40 minutes long. About 5 hours and 15 minutes . THE END!!! THE END THE END That is what our group
did thanks for watching That is what our group
did thanks for watching THE END That is what our group
did thanks for watching Dale's connections My connection are i play hockey
and watch hockey. I like hockey too. Owen connections I watched a hockey game that took about 2hours and 30 minuets Jason's connections My connections are I play hockey for 1 hours and 30 minuets a game and I watched a Stanly Cup final game. GOAL GOAL
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