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No description

troy powers

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of what

Florida State University "Friends? Naooooo"
Que cute coupless First movie we saw and definately not the last ;) Sage takes her cat naps so seriously that
she even meows Alyssas Birthday and Finally Official =) haha paranormal activity scared lil baby aly, but it didnt scare me at all... well maybe a little... okay alot! well, troy got a lil too wastey y ran into his friend the parking sign, que embarrasing! Troy wears hollister? naooooo
Aly does too though =P "clackkk" haha nice accent bebe Que Tiempo? Nom nom nom Diner pudding! + Ewwwww Bugssss haha Troy gets hit by bug and freaks and lifts his feet up seconds later = Gotta love the spaghetti diner with hundreds of old people being amazed at everything a yong person can do without groaning Aly-"Do you think we should save some noodles?" Me- "Nooo this will be enough"…. 10 minutes later… water boils over … faillll. Troy's pelo in the morning
es alfalfa?! naoooo Nom nom dimetapp Freeze Pops! Eating like hundreds of freeze pops a day and touching aly with my cold hands to make her frio! Samara! Aly and sage are lil bebes and gets scared by eachother acting like
samara. Now we all know troys definately spent some quality time here, good thing he has an amazing girlfriend to take care of him =) Naooo Troy doesn't live in un bubblee he lives in the u.p... Aly thinks thats the same thing Some Quotes and Sayings =) "Donde esta aly?" Beep beep.... "more like Honk honk" Diner…? Naooooo…. Nom nom nom dinerrrr Yo quiero tu =) "oat" "aboat" "roand aboat" "beaaaad" Accents "Seaadd" "clack" "Meaad" "Want to come to my Hoase" "Moase" "Theatre" "Yee shawtay" "Pop" "Que cuteee" "Sagey Wagey or Becca Becca" Nom nom we all know i love m&ms, almost as much as you ; ) Naooo this isnt the right margarita! but aly loves them bothh! "Shots shots shots.. every"
(knock at the door)...Oh crap! Unnn gatoorr and when it jumped
into the water it freaked us out! gatorr es muy fast Can't forget sunberry, the best ice cream place in the world and when the ghetto black lady came in creepily and begged for money, pretty sketch! "que es eso?" "eso es queso!"
nom nomm Of course we love chiliss and we went out to eat together or for your birthdayy, but not valentiness day, my b bebe! lo sientoo, i made it up to youu =) pluss how can we forget Mr. roboto! and that horid picture of me payingg loveee youu Well we have learned that i suck at making popcorn becausee i alwayss burn it haha and that your moms like obsessed because you had like a zillion packss that i loved to share with you... =) and yes i cann sharee ha The right margarita! pero.... he es deadd cuzzz his field rip with sageyyy haha maybe next year "name him gamma phi because hes a beta"... troy laughs when no one else doesss haha We def loveeee going to quilt shows haha and
stacking the ballot so tu grandmasita wins Que exciting! lol haha erin started out the worst but i definately topped her that nightt sorrry babe =) Que cute pelo meeee hah way too long but yeah this wasss the football game you dont like this onee cuz its just headss but you love the one where your being your normal weirdo selfff =) me gusta hotel y natalie lovesss food and the hotel store haha You alwayssss aree lookin goodd =)
tu eres calienteee hahah what a nightt Potsss with amanda and linda i thinkk,
when sagey definately had some fun con a boy
and so did erin haha que cuteee
and of coursee i haddd fun con tuu Our first good pictureee that i lovee ha taken by sagee andd you always tease me bc i wear that sweatshirtt alott because u have like 20 sweatshirtss and so much clothess hah haha you are suchaa weirdoo goon
but its definately a good thing ; ) Remember When We went to the diner at like 6 am and it was fricken closing, pft the sign says 24.7. Ha and when i drank way to much and didnt know what was goin on and i was throwingg up and no me gustaa andd im sorry for that night but atleast we know when im blacked out i still know i love you ; )... and the night i met erin i definately ran into a pole and looked so cool haha ... and running home from the hotel because some random black guy who couldve been a nerd was near us... and remember alll the times u told me you were on the 2nd floor of stozier and it ended up after all that looking that u were on the 2nd... fail! hahah... and when you threw up in classs and i came n scared n visiteddd tu =)... anddd alll those extreeme akward turtle moments where we ran into jessa hah no more of that for a while!...remeber when i walked you home on your birthdayy.... well i dont eitherr becausee i didnt hah lo siento bebe iwasnt feelin the besttt que triste... and when i said pretend im not here and pushed the baloon and looked like un toool hahah..." open the door im gunna pyke!.... que hot suitmate haha... and whennn youuu so denied me tryin to kissss you ;) i guess the wait was worth it =)...remember when my roomate hooked up with a sober girl... oh yeah that didnt happen haha, "nom nom nom dimetapppppp" or "cute burps sageyy" alll those timess goingg to sunberrry ha ima misss sunberrry fr suree, y m & ms nom nommmmm, or freeezies..... and RIP margaritaaa, ahah way to be sageyyy... how we coooked pasta and i def messsed it up haha andd all those times i turn around and catch u talking to yourself in the mirrorrr haha =) and alll thosee mornings with the best alfalfa hair everrr hahaha and how freakedd u get when i or sagey act like samara or paranomal activityyyy, andd yousssa nerd =) but thatssss kayy bebe even if i do get bullied by all yo friendsssss... and remember when linda passed out on my floor n woke up to the random kid in here hahaha andd our amazing accents and how mines gettin betterr but yours isnttt ;) and adding eww and the fem hand to like everythingg thats grosss hahaha andd how my cold freeezie hands would alwass makee you friooo =) i came to the conclusion that birthdays are a shitty thing for us, for one mine you were gone =( , erins i was supper drunk n hit a pole, yoursss i got sickk haha and couldnt walk you home, sages you guys get caughtt how shitty, and finallyy ericas bday i passed out on the flooor, so next time we have a birthday, unless its our anniversary letss just think twice about going out agian kay babe =) and even through all those times i messed up or we fought or we argueddd or you and yor friendsss teased me we alwaysss ended up nappin on friday nap days or cudddling and how could i forgett those daysss becausee those were amazing =) . . . To be continueddd babe =))) LOveee you and ill misss you Dont be sad because its summer be happy we are together and that im lucky enough to find you, and i WILLLLLLLL hang lots with you this summer for sureeeee loveeeee you =)))))))))))) and dont misss or forget that lil bottom line under the Ily becauseee you should definately read it alll ha sorry i couldnt make it any easier to readdd =) you may have to get out of the show thing to read it ha lo sientooo This may take a while so be ready =) So I got a little bored in stats =) nom nom spaghetti dinner haha Donde esta aly? un banana phone hahaha samara
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