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Central Asia

No description

jimmy joe

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of Central Asia

Physical Features of Central Asia:
Vast flat steppe.

Highest Mountain: Qullai Somoni.

Abundant Resources: Petroleum, natural gas, coal and oil.
Geographic Data
Highest Mountain:
Central Asia: Qullai Ismoili Somoni (7,495m)
United States: Denali Mt. McKinley (6,190m)
Political Divisions
Land types and Populations
Central Asia: 3,928,341 sq. km.
United States: 9,147,593 sq. km.
Physical Features
Central Asia: 67,183,783
United States: 323,995,528
Longest River:
Central Asia: Syr Darya (1,374mi)
United States: Missouri River (2,341mi)
Highest population: Uzbekistan
Largest populated city: Tashkent
Physical Features of Central Asia: vast steppe slopes
Countries with Lowest Populations: Turkmenistan and Kyrgystan
Life Expectancy(average)
Central Asia: 70.62 years
United States: 79.8 years
Literacy Rate(average)
Central Asia: 99.68%
United States: 99%
Leading Religions:
Central Asia: Muslim
United States: Protestant, Roman, Catholic, Mormon
By: Thomas Carter, Kylie Palmer, Morgan Lawton, And Alexandria Caito
Kazakhstan - Physical Geography:
70% desert
24% steppe terrain
6% forest
Highest Mountain: Qullai Somoni
Afghanistan - Physical Geography:
Hindu Kush mountains
Abundant Resources: Petroleum, natural gas, natural gas, coal, and oil.
The 2 nations do not compare
U.S has bigger landmass and life expentancy
Physical Features
Having 1 religion is better
Larger literacy rate
Caspian Depression-
flat lowland, mostly below level and in one of the largest in a nation
KaraKum Desert-
sandy region
Kirghiz Steppes-
vast, mostly level, treeless plain covered with grass
Silk Road-
passage trade routes
Caspian Sea-
inland body of water, lies on the east
Central Asia
Caspian Depression
Unique Features
Kara Kum Desert
Kirghiz Steppe
Silk Road
Caspian Sea
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