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North African Region

No description

Chandler Wynn

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of North African Region

North Africa
By Chandler and Jamie Physical Geography Countries: Morocco
Algeria Tunisia Libya Egypt Sudan Western Sahara Landforms Deserts Escarpments Cataracts Great Rift Valley Mountains The North African climate is desert. This land is very hot and dry. Traditional People The people of Northern
Africa are Nomadic Herders
or Nomads. They live in or around
deserts, they raise sheep,
goats and camels. The Nomads are having problems surviving in the modern world. Many of these people are becoming truck drivers because the ways of camel hearding have become distant and very old. Trucks are easier to manage and can haul, or carry, more things to sell. Government Morocco = Tunisia = Algeria = Libya= Egypt = Sudan= Monarchy
Democracy I believe that the governments in North Africa are not working very well. I think this way due to the fact that most Egyptians,and the other North African population can not read. Another reason i believe that the government isn't very effective is because the majority of the population is living below the poverty line. The people can't even live comfortably because of the governments. A way to tell if the government is effective or not many times is by looking at the wars. The countries in North Africa have been in many wars over the years. I think if the governments changed their ways, the people of North Africa could live happier, healthier lives. Popular Culture Some nonreligious holidays include: New Years Day(January 1)
Labor Day(May 1)
Independence Day(July 5)
Literature is very popular, especially in Egypt. www.ciafactbook.gov I think that visiting North Africa would be a great experience. I believe this because of all of the wonderful culture and background of this area. There would be so many things to do and lots of sites to see. I don't think that I would ever get bored. There would be such diversity in cultures and religions it would be incredible. It's amazing how different people are even when they live within walking distance of each other. I think that visiting North Africa would be awesome. Satellite Dishes Tourist Beach Shopping Center Clock Tower Muslim Mosque
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