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alia harden

on 8 April 2013

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My Career Presentation By,
Alia Harden Lawyer. Continued.. Brainstorming Results Realisation Sketches My Career is a Veternarian. I chose this job because, i really like animals, and the fact that i can care them and help them with any needs is great. I love animals. My Responsibilities for my job is too actually care the animals, and be there on time, in case of emergencies. Be able to find the right kind of medicine for the animals, depending on their condition. Lastly to be able too handle and care for them, even though i am very busy with other patients.
I would work in two place in the country alittle to be able to help out people who had bigger animals, and dont like to drive into the city, and in the city too be able too take things all at once.
You will need to be a straight A student and keep put of trouble, and maybe a medical class.
have really good grades, and stay out of trouble.
You will be in school 4 to 8 years, depending on what kind of doctor.
There is a medical test you havent too take at the end of the semster. CONTINUED.. The salary is about 60,000 dollars a year,
and the annual is about $25.oo an hour.
I think Payton would be a good Veterinarian because she loves animals, and cold not see the fact of them being in pain or needing no help. she would be sweet and kind to them. i chose a Lawyer because it is a very high class job, and you get payed alot of money.
Because I know how too handle patients, and their problems. And find good reason in the case to help in the court room.
You will work in a big business office, with a bunch of other people, working on different cases.
Beyond this, lawyers problem-solving, writing and research skills to prepare legal documents and help clients solve problems.
Before you can become a lawyer, you will need to successfully complete about seven years of college.
You havent to be able too work with people, and maintain calmness, and maintain good grades in college and in highschool. In addition, lawyers must have the interpersonal skills to gain clients and build their trust. It also may be helpful to visit practicing lawyers, law classes or civil trials to evaluate how well this path suits you.
There in no formal test you havent too take to complete Law School.
I think Chami would make a good lawyer, because she likes to help people out, and help them find good reasons in all bad things too make their life better. Athletic Instructor I chose an Athletic Instructor because, I would like to help Kids, adults, and elders, how too keep their body health, and easier too live longer.
Athletic trainers must have the skills to educate coaching staff, athletes and their families on injuries, healing processes and the proper methods of exercise and conditioning.
They must be able to convey information in a helpful manner to help athletes reduce the risk of injury during sporting activities.
All trainers are required to have one of two degrees from an accredited college or university and a bachelor's degree in athletic training or a bachelor's degree in any subject with master's in athletic training.
Test on the Board of Certification.
Trainers make a median $41,340 annually, with a range of $25,510 to $65,140.
i think Jaythan would make a good athletic instructor because he looks very sporty and looks like he can handle helping out others. Description
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