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tavalla shoghi

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Resolutions

Resolve to cut the clutter!

Clean out the garage, the attic, the basement, the storage unit and keep the clutter down forever with these tips from Bruce Littlefield. He'll help you decide what to toss, what to keep and what to sell.

Resolve to lose weight

A perennial resolution no one can keep! Here's help. Dietitian and author Elizabeth Somer offers a step-by-step plan for success

Resolve to green and eco-friendly

If this is the year you decide to put the planet first, our green living experts can help you change your daily habits to live healthier and help the environment at the same time–from packing eco-friendly lunches to buying organic beer, produce and fair-trade coffee.

Resolve to eat truly healthy

Studies have shown that stress can cause our bodies to hold onto unwanted fat. Martha Beck, Ph.D, explains how the body responds to stress and how approaching a new dieting or fitness routine with a sense of relaxation and joy can lead to long-term healthful living.
Resolve to go from dieting to a healthy diet

Are you resolved to hit your target weight or feel better every day. The Bikini Chef Susan Irby describes how you can determine the correct serving size when preparing meals and that will help you keep your resolution to stay healthy all year long.
Resolve to find your purpose in life

It's a big resolution but may be simpler than you think. Alexa Fischer is an expert on the power of positive transformation and communication. Let her help you find your center and make this your most important year yet.

Resolve to improve your relationship

The new year is a great time to think about improving your #1 relationship–the one between you and your partner.
Rachel Sussman, relationship expert and couples therapist, shows you how to renew your commitments and get a fresh start.
Resolve to be a better parent

Your kids are growing up fast. How do you know when your child is ready for more independence and less adult supervision? Parenting expert Ann Pleshette Murphy has some excellent advice on how to know when it's okay to give kids more independence.

Resolve to increase the power of you

For a successful 2014, let your inner light shine and be conscious of the energy you project. Your presence speaks before you do. Communication expert Alexa Fischer explains how to make the best of every moment.

Become a better public speaker

Whether in the professional or personal aspects of your life, it doesn't hurt to be a good speaker. If you connect key points without using a script presentations will be more natural and engaging. Communications expert Alexa Fischer shows you how to gain confidence.

Resolve to meet new people

Meeting new people can be a little scary. Learn ways to make this experience less anxiety-inducing in the new year. Communications expert Alexa Fischer has the right tips to make it easier and more pleasant–giving you more opportunities for success.
Resolve to ask for a raise

Once you have focused on your personal skills, make them work for you. You've been waiting for a raise all year, it's time to make it happen! It's never easy, but there are ways to improve your odds of hearing, "Yes." Career consultant Maggie Mistal tells you how to take the big step.

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