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My Hobbies

This is my work

Manu Hernández Balibrea

on 11 June 2010

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Transcript of My Hobbies

My work is related to my hobbies M y First Hobby : W ell, my first hobby is my girlfriend. H ii!! T his is my girldfriend, She is sixteen years old , she lives in Santomera and i love her.
She is friendly , beautiful , clever.
The first time we met was in our school.
We are together seven months. S he is tall , thin , she has got brown eyes and long dark hair . She is perfect. :P M y second Hobby is Basket T his is my favourite basket team L os Angeles Lakers I enjoy playing basketball with my friends a lot I t´s very exciting I love SBX ( Street Basket Extrem ) I play in Polaris Basket Team M y third Hobby are motorbikes T his will be the motorbike which my parents will buy me. I love that motorbike, it´s great , so so fast and i like it´s colour. A nd another motorbiker i also like is this one. the Yamaha YZF 125. the Aprilia RS 125 M y fourth Hobby is listening to music M y favourite kind of music is : Hip Hop
And i little to Central in my free time i listen a lot of music. M y fith Hobby is Making " Graffos " ( Graffitis ) I love drawing because it´s amusing and interesting T his is Hardcore These are my graffitis A i have got a lot of Hobbies but i have only mentioned these five nd my last Hobby is Tatto Art I like Tatto Art because it´s creative.
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