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Odysseus's Family Tree

3 Generations

Richard Webber

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Odysseus's Family Tree

Penelope Laertes Anticlea Periboea Icarius Telemachus Chalcomedusa Arcisius Son of Odysseus and Penelope. Only and infant when Odysseus leaves for war, according to the prologue. Now, older (about 20) he's been in search of his father for quite some time and is assisted by certain divine helpers. The main character in the epic poem. A lost Trojan war veteran who's been trying to return home for almost twenty years. Throughout his journey he is helped by the goddess, Athena. Wife of Odysseus as well as mother of Telemachus. The Queen of Ithaca who awaits her husband's return from war. In opposite of Odysseus's manner, she stays true to their relationship and does not remarry with any of the desperate suitors that have constantly tried to claim her. Odysseus's father who resides on a farm in Ithaca alone, after the death of his wife Anticlea. He becomes very overwhelmed with grief when Odysseus does not immediately return home from war like most of the soldiers do. Mother of Odysseus as well as wife of Laertes. One of the many spirits Odyssues comes across on his journey to the Underworld. KEY: Red arrows point to Penelope's side of the family Light blue arrows point to Odysseus's side of the family Yellow is a neutral color, it points to relatives both ODY and Penelope are related to A nymph, mother of Penelope as well as several other children, all by prince Icarius.
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