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19th century world of Rizal

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Mary Davi-An Tan

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of 19th century world of Rizal

The 19th Century World of Jose Rizal
In the 19th century
Industrial revolution
Western Imperialism
Science & Technology
Loyalty based on a common language, history, culture, and desire for independence.
Liberalism & Democracy
As consequence to the growth & development of nationalism
Industrial Revolution
Started in Great Britain
Victorian Era
Invention and use of machines i.e. steam engines
Industrialization and rise in mass production
i.e. Factories
Science & Technology
Western Imperialism
Optimism & Confidence in Progress
In the shaping of Filipino Nationalism
it is essential for us to look into the events of the 19th century, to be able to understand Rizal's work, ideology, and individual
The French and American Revolutions play a key role in the growth of nationalism
The French Revolution
Liberty, Fraternity, Equality
to cast off the yoke of colonialism by means of armed uprising
Both revolutions gave birth to the idea that an individual's loyalty has to be to his nation, not the king.
Nationalism is one of the radical ideas that influenced modernism

Three points:
It has evolved from an imaginary cultural unity into a dynamic common language, history, and territory
Cultural unity into Political reality
Freedom and development
Ideas of national superiority and national mission can lead to aggressive crusades and counter-crusades
It can stress differences among peoples
Trigger tensions between countries with strong senses of nationalism
Development of nationalism in the Philippines was very slow.
It was enforced n the people after the execution of GOMBURZA
Liberty & Equality
Realized in the American Revolution
Achieved in the French Revolution
Conservatism in the European continent was challenged.

Democracy wasn't existent in the Philippines during the height of the Spanish regime.
Filipinos weren't granted human and social rights
Given this liberty, they might be motivated to strive for total independence.
In the Philippines
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