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Inside/Outside Population Review

No description

Carie Coleman

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Inside/Outside Population Review

Inside/Outside Population Review
Question 2:

Describe the long-term effect of competition on populations of two different species competing for the same resources.

Question 3:
Why would a contagious virus that causes a fatal disease be considered a density-dependent limiting factor?
Question 1:
How is the carrying capacity of a city’s roads similar to the carrying capacity of an ecosystem?
Question #5
How would a drop in the water level of a river affect a fish population living that river? Explain what kind of limiting factor this would be.
Question 4:
Analyze this graph. Describe to your partner this significance of it the data it represents.
Question #6
How might increasing the amount of a limiting nutrient in a pond affect the carrying capacity of the pond?
Question #7
Describe the conditions under which logistic growth occurs.
Question #8
How can you account for the fact that human population has grown more rapidly during the past 500 years than it has at any other time in history?
Question #9
What questions would a demographer need to answer to determine whether a country is approaching the demographic transition?
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