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The Wonderful Effects of Toothpaste

By Daniel Myers

Daniel Myers

on 7 December 2011

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Transcript of The Wonderful Effects of Toothpaste

The Wonderful Wonders of Toothpaste Purpose and Hypothesis This experiment was conducted in order to prove two things:

1) Toothpaste and the substances and chemicals involved drastically reduce the decaying affects of an acid, like vinegar, on the enamel of teeth

2) Extreme Clean from Aquafresh, Brand A, is a better toothpaste than Colgate Total, Brand B

My Hypothesis is that Brand A, which has a better mixture of Sodium Flouride and other chemicals, will provide better protection for the shell of an egg. Procedure & Materials
1. Three equal sized containers, plastic cups

2. Measure out 200mL of vinegar

3. Take 3 egg shells roughly the same size

4. Number or label each shell so you can identify them later

5. Number or label each container and put the corresponding egg in its container

6. You should have 3 egg shells, a control, Brand 1, and Brand 2

7. cover the entire shell with a generous coat of toothpaste

8. After they have been coated with toothpaste, put them in their containers

9. Record the results each day for about a day or two Pictures & Data Inital Contact with the Vinegar, May 5, 2011 at 7:44 Noticed some kind of foaming reaction between the vinegar and the toothpaste, after just 10 mins. It seemed that the toothpaste was fighting back at the vinegar's acidic affects. The vinegar had some major effects on the eggs. Notice however that anyplace coated with toothpaste was more protected. Lol, after a while the egg shells simply gave up, this was about after 24+ hours of exposure Well it proves exactly what I wanted. That Brand A is better and that Toothpaste is proven to keep your teeth safe from the nasty degrading affects of acids, bacteria, etc... Data

After the examination and analysis of the egg shells, I found the control shell to be much weaker and softer than the other two, along with decaying faster than the other two. So what does this prove? Thanks for your undivided attention

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