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Theme: How the elements of the Story Affect the Theme

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on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Theme: How the elements of the Story Affect the Theme

What is Theme?
The theme is the controlling idea. It is the life lesson to be learned from the story.
To find the theme of a story, we must determine the central purpose.
Theme includes the topic,

Everybody needs love
Fate is for people who don't want to try
In order to discover the theme you need to look at:
1. What a character learns/discovers
(characters actions)
2. Conflict in the story
3. Series of events that take place (plot)

All of these elements of a story affect
the theme.
the big idea + the author's message
They contribute their feelings, goals, or personality to the conflict and can alter another characters' actions.
The experiences a character goes through determines the topics of our story.
These topics determine our theme.
Theme asks us to identify:
What is this story really about?
Theme: How the elements of the Story Affect the Theme
but makes a comment on it.
Think about the story Cinderella. (Pair-Share)
What character traits (3) did Cinderella portray?
Think of how these character traits affected the outcome of the story.
Now think about how this would affect the theme "good things happen to good people".
In other words, if Cinderella was not that the "type" of person she was, would the story have had a different theme?
So how do the elements of the story affect
the theme?
The conflict determines the next
event that is going to happen in
the story.
If the conflict of a given story was change, then the story would take a different path.
Therefore, it would change the actions of the characters, which at the same time would change the plot.
Since the theme is the main idea, topic plus the message the author is trying to convey, all the changes previously mentioned will directly affect the theme of that particular story.
Remember, plot is the series of events that take place in the story.
What is the conflict?
*The conflict in "
The Avengers
" is that the heroes have to learn to work together as a team.
* This shows our topic of the movie (unity) which then can lead to the theme of "in unity, there is strength".
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