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Brooke Janecka

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Congress

Advantages and Disadvantages of...
Qualifications to be a member of the House & Senate
What happens if a Member's seat is vacated during his/her term?
Under Article 1, Section 2, Clause 4 of The Constitution, when vacancies occur in the Representation of any state, the Executive Authority shall issue Writs of Election to fill such vacancies.
How many Senators were representatives at one time?
Presented by: Frida Lucario, Tyler Denbow, & Brooke Janecka
-The six year term is a compromise between the framers who wanted a strong Senate and those would fear tyranny.
-By having a six year term, the Senate has been saved from the pressures of public opinion. This also protects them from being elected not by direct popular vote but by the state legislatures.
-In addition, the Senate is divided into three sections for elections. Thus, one-third of the Senate is elected every two years, with two-thirds having no break in service.
-This allows the Senate to serve continually and has been continuous since 1789. The House could possibly completely turn over every two years; however, with the Senate this is not possible.
-Overall, the Senate is always there and always operating.

Vacate: to leave, to deprive of an incumbent or occupant.
After each census, the seats in the House are divided among the states based on population. If the state has lost population, the number of seats may be reduced; however, if they have gained population the number of seats may increase.
The boundaries of all congressional districts but the smallest states are redrawn to fit their population. This is a constitutional requirement that congressional districts have equal populations.
Each individual has the opportunity to vote or not to vote; and every individual represents ONE vote. Voting does not guarantee that one's preferences will prevail, but choosing not to vote denies a person one of the key tools of having a say in a democracy.
One person- One vote
The Executive Authority is simply the Governor of any state.
Writs of Election is a term meaning to order a new election to be held.
This means:
-Stability and continuity.
-Expertise and knowledge continues from one congress to the next.
-Impeachment proceedings can span two congresses without the need to readopt impeachment rules or proceedings.
-Treaty negotiations proceed without interruptions.
-Senate is always there, always operating.
Senator Gramm
Senator Bentsen
Republican Party
Sponsored 153 Bills
Represented roughly 14,229,191 people in the 1980 census and 16,986,510 people in the 1990 census. This is about 3 times more than when he was a House memeber.
From '79-'82 Gramm Ran as a Democrat, until '83 when he resigned to run for election to the 98th Congress as a Republican.
Represented Texas's 6th District.
Represented roughly about 527,765 people from District 6 (1980 census of 27 Districts)
Sponsored 17 Bills
Did Texas gain or lose any representatives after the last census? Well in 2000 the State of Texas had a total of 32 representatives. After the 2010 census was over and most of everybody was counted, Texas gained 4 representatives due to the fact that Texas had a 20.6% jump in population which gave Texas a total of 25,145,561 people. This gave the state of Texas second place in which had more Representatives.
Working with 99 other members...
An advantage for campaigning against the other 99 members is that if you have big money then you have a higher chance of getting elected. But, if you don’t have big money, then your chance of getting elected would be about 10% to 35%.

Also, another disadvantage of campaigning against the 99 members of the Senate is that if you supported something that the people you represent would not vote for you and would then vote for someone else.
Now an advantage for when the 99 members of the Senate are in legislation is if you support and vote for the right bill and or law then you have a very good chance of getting re-elected. but, if you were to vote against said bill and or law then you would not get elected.
Another disadvantage for when the 99 members of the Senate are in legislation is if the people that voted for you want you to support a bill or law and you don't, then you are not liked and do not get re-elected.

Qualifications to become a
In the State of Texas, we have only had two known Senators whom were Representatives at one time.
Working with the 434 members...
An advantage for campaigning against the 434 members of the house of representatives is that if all the members of the house agree and pass a law that everyone agrees with then there is a high chance that they would get re-elected.
A disadvantage of campaigning against the 434 member of the house of representatives is that if you were to not support the side of a bill or law that the people you represent support they would stop liking you and stop funding you campaign and you would lose the election.
An advantage of the 434 member of the house of representation while they are in a legislative meeting is that if they all agree and pass a law or bill that the american people liked then they would stay in office but, if they don’t like it well when the next election year comes along then that representative will no longer be in office.
A disadvantage of the 434 members of the house of representatives while they are in a legislative meeting is that if some of the members agree and other disagree then you have a government shutdown. like last week when we had the government down over Obama care.

The qualifications can be mainly found in Article 1 of the Constitution.
At least 25 years old
Citizen of the United States for a minimum of 7 Years.
During the time of the election, the candidate must be a resident of the state he/she is running for.
At least 30 years old
Citizen of the United States for a minimum of 9 years
During the time of election, candidate must be a resident of the state he/she is running for
Two Year Term...
Two year terms are set for House of Representatives in which selection is done by direct vote of the citizens within the different Districts of each state.
Two year term was done in order to prevent against tyranny against citizens and within districts.
This also gives the citizens the freedom to choose whom they believe will benefit them the most as a representative.
Though there are re-elections, chances to get re-elected depend amongst how you've represented not only your self but the people.
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