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BBFM RET Presentation

My first Prezi

Selma Tucker

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of BBFM RET Presentation

Relationships in Practice Public Private Nonprofit Ferndale
Lathrup Village Non-Entitlement Communities Dewitt
St. Joe County
Traverse City 2. A New Model BetterBuildings is developing a community approach that will be repeatable throughout other communities in Michigan and the rest of the country. Neighghorhood sweeps is the basis for the approach and the idea is to use the community as leverage to increase energy awareness and efficiency. 1. Homes and Businesses - Save Energy Weatherize 11,340 residential buildings
In Grand Rapids, the goal is 2,500
EE 131 comercial (City of Detroit)
Avoid 1.2 TBTUs of energy and 19.6 tons of GHG per year
Leverage funds 5:1 ratio
Create 2,000 green jobs The Grand Rapids Approach Better Buildings Goals Speed Creativity Network Technology 3. Model Sustainability Enables homeowners through low interest loan
The 7% unsecured loan will exist indefinitely Administrative
Backbone Federated Model Encouraging
Innovation SharePoint Historical
Relationship Outreach
Marketing & PR
Image Shoppe
Wondergem Consulting DSO
Collaboration Community Organizations
Neighborhood Associations
Consumers Energy & DTE SharePoint
Wellhome Experiments & Pilots Energy Innovation Neighborhoods Results thus far... Sweep 2: Creston Sweep 1: Eastown Sweep 3: Oakdale Sweep begins:
August, 2011 Sweep 4: ________ Sweep begins:
November, 2011 Sweep 5: ________ Sweep begins:
May, 2012 Sweep begins:
September, 2012 Sweep 6: ________
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