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The Member Of the Wedding

No description

Naayliah Gayton

on 2 May 2015

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Transcript of The Member Of the Wedding

Author Biographical
Historical Background
The Member Of The Wedding by Carson Mccullers
Lula Carson McCullers
Born in Columbus February 19, 1917
McCullers was the daughter of Lamar Smith a jewelry store owner & Vera Marguerite Waters.
1927 Forced to give up her dream of a pianist after rheumatic. began writing as a vocation.
1934 New York City, Juilliard School of Music pursue her secret ambition to write.
1937 Carson marries James Reeves McCullers Jr.The marriage was destructive in her life with the cause of alcoholism and sexual ambivalence.
1946 The publication of McCullers's fourth major work, “The Member of the Wedding”
Death :September 29, 1967

Naayliah Gayton
Coming of age
Work sited
Time period 1940's segregation between african american & white.
Chronological order
"And then on the last Friday of August, all this was changed: it was so sudden that Frankie puzzled the hole blank afternoon, and still she did not understand " (McCullers 1).
End of WW II August 1940's
Literal Plot
Twelve-year-old Frankie is caught between her childhood and womanhood. Frankie does, however, have a troubling encounter with a soldier. Her hopes of going away with the couple are destroyed.
The Solider at Blue Moon hair color red foreshadow the solider death.
Literary Plot: Events that make up a story, in a pattern, sequence, through cause and effect and how the reader views the story.
Small unknown Southern town
Setting: The place or type of surroundings where something is positioned or an event takes place.
" The sidewalk of the town were gray in the early morning at night, but noon sun put a glaze on them, so that the cement burned and glittered like glass" (McCullers 1).
" But as she passed the solider, he grasped her skirt and limpened by fright, she was pulled down beside him on the bed" (McCullers 130)
Franki Adams
Protagonist, Dynamic
Antagonist: Frankie's doubts and fears of being alone takes her through challenges.
Frankie Addams dreams of a threesome fantasy with her brother and bride to be. When faced with obstacles of being taken out of her childhood, her fantasy is destroyed.
Berenice Sadie Brown
Round, Static
The African-American housekeeper of the Addams household, she is Frankie’s only mother figure.
"The Wedding was like a dream outside her own power, or like a show unmanaged by her in which she was supposed to have no part" (McCullers138).
" Your laying yourself in a fancy trap to catch yourself in trouble" (McCullers 102).
John Henry West
The six year-old first cousin of Frankie who spends much his time hanging around the Addams house. He acts as a foil for Frankie, representing the childhood she wants so badly to leave behind.
" Less play out" (McCullers 9).
Royal Quincy Adams
Royal Addams is Frankie’s father. He owns a jewelry store on the town’s main street. He appears to be a quiet man oblivious to Frankie actions or feelings.
"But he did not listen. I'm going around to your Aunt Pet's" (McCullers 60).
Jarvis Adams
Jarvis is Frankie’s older brother, a soldier who was stationed in Alaska for two years. When he comes to visit before his wedding, Frankie is disappointed that he brings her a doll appropriate for a little girl. Clearly, he is oblivious to Frankie’s feelings. She is just a kid to him.
"Her brother had wired that he and the bride were coming this friday to spend the day, then on the following sunday there was to be the wedding at Winter Hill" (McCullers 5).
Janice Evans
Janice is Jarvis bride. Frankie is captivated by her lovely clothes and sweet personality which contrasts with her own boyish haircut and clothing.
" And once Janice put her arms around her, and said she was so glad to have a little sister when Janice issued her, F. Jasmine felt an aching in her throat and could not speak " (McCullers 137)
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