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Scania Project Management Process

No description

Agnieszka Biczyk

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Scania Project Management Process

Problems addressed 6 months ago
at IS/IT department
Possible ways of solving:
- Different sources of projects (F&A, Service, Sales)
- Lack of coordination
- No clear project objectives
- Slight sense of responsibility
- No follow through
- Increasing employment
- Outsourcing
- Prioritization
- Limiting amount of projects
What is the solution?
Initiation steps:

- Initiatives registration
- Initiatives overview during Initiatives Committee meeting
- Appointing Project Manager and IT support person
- Initiatives Committee Decision point
Creating implementation plan:

- Assigning resources
- Creating plans for trainings, tests and implementations
- IT Manager decision point

Building and implementation:

- Trainings, acceptance test
- IT Manager decision point
- Solution roll-out
Closing project:

- Early life support
- Acceptance criteria verification
- Gathering and delivering required information for Initiative Committee
- Initiative Committee decision point
- Project closure

Tracking expected benefits:

- Solution monitoring
- Verifying if project brought expected benefits
Process flow
Preparing project scope:

- Gathering required information that allows assessing costs and schedules
- Initiative Committee decision point
- Prioritizing planned projects
Steps we've taken:
- Situation analysis
- Relying on corporation process and PM good practices
- Business insights
- Process flow draft
- Top management approval
- Roles assignment
- Trainings for future Project Managers
Initiative Committee:
- F&A - Tomasz Mosoń
- Sales - Tomasz Cwalina
- Service - Krzysztof Rosół

IT Representative in Committee:

- Robert Salamon

IT PMO Coordinator:
- Agnieszka Biczyk
- No overview of ongoing projects
- Often no planning of project work
- Often no clear appointment of responsible Project Manager
- Often projects were „forgotten”, i.e. some work was conducted, but project was never finished
- No systematic communication of project progress
Problems addressed 2 years ago
at F&A department

What we measure?
Effectiveness of the planning phase:

- KPI-01-01 Number of well-planned projects
- KPI-01-02 Number of good initiatives

Effectiveness of the transition phase:

- KPI-02-01 Number of badly executed deployments
- KPI-02-02 Number of deployments without tests
- KPI-02-03 Number of projects in accordance with transition phase
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