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Types of Computer System Error

No description

Lailane Ramelo

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of Types of Computer System Error

Types of Computer System Error
1. No Video Output
When you open your PC, nothing shows up in your monitor and the LED indicator of your monitor is flashing in yellow or steady orange.
2. Doesn't Boot
When you open your PC it will show the processor’s brand and/or the motherboard’s brand but doesn't continue. Usually this
error will result to system restart over and
over again.
3. Never Ending Loading of Operating system
The computer opens up then boots but
when the operating system loads it,
doesn't continue and it will take a longtime
if you're going to wait for it to load.
4. Lots of pop up windows showing on standby mode
This also happens even if you try disconnecting your computer set from the internet. This is what we called aftershock virus which will continue to run even if internet is disconnected.
5. Lots of hardware installation windows appear
This happens even if you try installing the hardware. When you restart your set it will happen again.
6. Safe mode doesn't work
When you try going to safe mode, all you will see is a list of files in Command prompt style.
7. Keyboard and mouse system restart
This will happen only in standby mode, when you move your mouse or type something, your system will automatically restart and the worst part is it will delete a file at random.
8. Sound on/off error
Upon loading the operating system, you will hear a loading sound and then the sound stops, when you try running an audio file, no sound will be heard.

Operating System Errors
1. System errors
These are moderately dangerous types of errors among those that can pop up on your PC. System errors are caused by malfunctioning hardware components, corrupted operating system modules, etc.
2. Runtime errors
caused by corrupted or malfunctioning system files or software executables. Most runtime errors cause the application to shut down. However, more serious runtime errors may cause the system to become
unstable or unresponsive, suggesting that you should restart your
3. Stop errors
Stop errors are caused by corrupted hardware, especially malfunctioning RAM modules and bad sectors on hard disks. Stop errors can be difficult to resolve at times.
6. Application errors
These can happen at any point of time. As the name suggests, these are caused by applications while those are running. These are normally resolved by updating the program to its latest version.
7. Browser Status Codes
Occurs when trying to access a website. Caused by misplaced web pages in server of the website due to connection problem.
4. Device Manager Errors
Caused by corrupted hardware
parts. Solved by reinstalling or
updating the drivers. But often solved
by replacing hardware components.
5. POST Code Errors
Characterized by beep sounds from
tiny internal speaker of the mother
board. It occur when you press the
power on button to turn on your PC.
Direction: Read the questions carefully then answer it by choosing the letter
of the correct answer .
1. What key is used to access the safe mode?
A. F11 C. F10
B. F8 D. F2
2. POST Code Errors are caused by malfunctioning hardware
components, what does POST stands for?
A. Power On Self Test C. Power On Self Trouble Shoot
B. Power Off Self Test D. Power Output Self Troubleshoot
3. What operating system error is normally resolved by updating its
latest version?
A. System Error C. Stop Error
B. Run time Error D. Application Error
4. What error is this wherein your monitor LED will be flashing yellow?
A. Safe mode Doesn't Work C. No Video Output
B. Sound on/off Error D. Disk Management Error

5. What causes the operating system to no longer wok properly?
A. System Error C. POST Code Error
B. Operating System Error D. Stop Error
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