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joe hernandez

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of biology

Ethical Dilema
Organ Transplant
The End
Thank You
Ethical Dilema
- Age doesn't matter when it comes to liver transplants.
- It is the gender of the donor that effects the survival rate.

- Many children have the procedure and go on to live normal lives.

- Why we chose Sam Parker.
Need to be healthy for surgery
Need to be healthy enough to lose and have a new organ.
No age limitations
Body can reject the new organ
- How God values humans.

- how the united network of organ sharing grades recipients based on health and urgency
- who is ineligible
- how do they score patients
three patients need a transplants
who should we give the transplant to?
patients are casey,sam parker, and Dr.Andrew Mendoza.
put to sleep with anesthesia
tube inserted into lungs
long incision on upper abdomen(5=10 in.)
liver will be taken out
new liver will be put in
incision closed with stitches
Sam Parker is 18 ,a highschool QB, and is most likely to surrvive
Casey is a 2 year old baby and still has alot of life yet but is a 50/50 chance for her to survive tansplant
Dr. Andrew Mendoza is a 45 year old neuro sergeuon he has a good chance of survival but has had a good life
Bleeding, infections, blood clotting, and leakage if urine.
Rejection of the new liver
Immune system will see it as a threat and will attack
Medication is needed
Will trick the immune system.
Ethical Dilema
For the Transplant we decided to go with Sam Parker
We chose Sam Parker for our transplant because he is the best-suited for the transplant and he has the least amount of days left to live
Peter Barrera
Peter Barrera
Joe Hernandez
Peter Barrera
Joe Hernandez
Joe Hernandez
Erik Sheets
Erik Sheets
Erik Sheets
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