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Alise Alvarez & Sruthika Baviriseaty

No description

lib hist

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Alise Alvarez & Sruthika Baviriseaty

Alise Alvarez & Sruthika Baviriseaty
Leonard A. Funk
Funk and his fellow soldiers were in Holzheim, Belgium on January 29 , 1945. While he was scouting the town, the other soldiers were guarding 80 German prisoners. As he was scouting, he met a German official who was shouting at him.
Leonard A. Funk
The official got angrier and kept yelling. Some of the other soldiers, even some of the Germans, started laughing too. Then, Funk immediately pulled out his gun and emptied an entire round on the German. The other soldiers grabbed guns also and shot down over 20 Germans. Funk then yelled to his soldiers Tthat was the stupidest thing I've ever seen!"
Leonard A. Funk
The German yelled at him again, and Funk just started laughing. He tried to stop, but the fact that the German was yelling at him in German made him laugh. Funk didn't speak german.
We picked him and his story because it was quite funny compared to other Medal of Honor stories. He was also very brave to laugh in front of a German official during World War II.
Leonard A. Funk
Funk's story is considered one of the most humorous stories in all of Medal of Honor history. He served in World War II and received the Medal of Honor , September 5, 1945 .
Leonard A. Funk
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