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Bear Grylls is my Hero

No description

Ziyan Huang

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Bear Grylls is my Hero

Bear Grylls is my Hero
Discovery's Star
Escape to the Legion
Man VS Wild
Born Survivor
Father : Michael Grylls
Mother : Sarah Grylls
Wife : Shara
Sons: Jesse,Marmaduke,Huckleberry
Works cited
Special Air Service
When he is 18
Specialized training his survival skills
As 21 years old retired because free-fall got back broken
by Ziyan Huang
Interesting Facts
Have a family portrait in his shoes.
He think camel is worst to taste.
At home he play guitar and piano.
Have an own island hideaway in Wales.
In his mind his family comes way before work.
He is Karate black belt.
After he retired 2 years later he climbing the. MT.Everest.
Yoga recovered his back.
His grandmother is Patricia Ford (the first woman Member of Parliament from Northern Ireland).
He can bear taste to bugs.
Stimulate adventure
Let us know more about wild
teach us how to survival when we at wild
After retired from SAS 2 years
90 days extreme weather
On 19,000 feet almost killed him (ice cracked)
The youngest British person successfully climb MT.Everest
Name : Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls
Born : June 07 1974
Birth place : England
Occupation : Producer Advetur, Author, Speaker, Special troops soldier(past)
High school : Eton college
University : Birkbeck,University of London
Height : 183(now) 186(before his back broken)
Weight : 80 Kg

Running with his dog
As he is 8 years old he began to do some adventure
Been rescued by the coast guard
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