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The Travel Academy

Taylor Fisher

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Alaska

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Presentation by: Taylor Marie Fisher Alaska A barren wasteland...? Or an untouched beauty? If you're up for the challenge... You can face the rough open ocean
and all that inhabit it. From Pacific Sleeper
sharks , spiny dogfish all the way to salmon sharks. lET'S YOUR WILDSIDE FREE
CHOOSE ADVENTURE, CHOOSE ALASKA Welcome to the capital of Juneau You can either take a plane or boat to the capital of Alaska. Popular things to do in Alaska are flightseing, fishing hatchery locations, shopping, museums , mount Roberts tram, and plenty of hiking and nature tours. For some more adult rated fun you can visit the red dog saloon. Its the oldest man-made attraction in Juneau. The famous Deadliest Catch crew eat their after their season is over.
They have live entertainment everyday, great food and a bar. From a relaxing warm trip, to an adventerous winter thrill theres always time for some good ole fishin' Some popular fishing spots are
Whalers Cove Lodge on Killisnoo Island
Bristol Bay, the world's richest salmon fishery
Homer, home to some of the worlds largest halibut averaging in the hundreds.
Copper River, known for having some of the best salmon While out there check out all the marine life surrounding you. Eco tours are a very popular choice when
visitng alaska. Not only do they let you see first
hand the states national beauty, but it leaves you
in awe of the incredible experiences and memories made. National Parks and protected areas:
Tongass National Forest

Chugach National Forest

Admiralty Island National Monument

Misty Fjords National Monument Such as Walrus, whales, giant pacific octopus, harbor seals, salmon, trout, artic grayling, lingcod and salmon shark Alaska also has a plethora of museums and culture/heritage centers. alaska state museums (Juneau)
Alaska Native Heritage Center (anchorage)
Pioneer Museum & The Big Stampede(Fairbanks)
Independence Mine State Historical Park(Wasilla)
Duncan Cottage Museum(Metlakatla) Kayaking Johns Hopkins Inlet(Ketchikan)
Beautiful glaciers, and steep canyon walls

Adams Inlet(Gustavus)
Filled with tons of exotic birds, and land mammal sightings

Bartlett Cove(Gustavus)
very popluar Cove trip, more experience needed

Auke Bay(Juneau)
While this beautiful destination is recommended for most beginners MOUNTAIN CLIMBING AND HIKING! Harding Icefield Trail(Seward)
Deer Mountain Trail (Ketchikan)
Lost Lake Trail (Seward)
Angel Rocks Trail (Chena Hot Springs)
Winner Creek Trail(Girdwood) Need a place to stay? Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge in Kachemak Bay State Park
hand-built cabins
Gourmet Cuisine
Mountain Goat Viewing,Wildlife Photography,Sea Kayaking
Great for both honeymooners and adventurers Ranging anywhere from 155-445 a night
Located in Begich Towers overlooking the Passage Canal, glaciers, mountains, and waterfalls.
Whittier has two harbors, a train stop, and a cruise ship terminal. The terminal houses ships for both Princess and Carnival cruise lines.
There's hiking trails, sea kayaking, and wildlife charters, 5 glacier sight seeing tours June's Whittier Condo Suites Looking for a more inner city stay
try the June's Westmark Baranof Hotel Great inner city location
family friendly
fitness center
nearby restaurants
room service Ready to go home?
The three main airports in Alaska
Juneau JNU
Fairbanks FAI
and Anchorage ANC 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Choose Alaska choose adventure!
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