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Forestry Practices in Sweden

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Mitchell Wieler

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Forestry Practices in Sweden

Forestry Practices in Sweden
Forestry in Sweden
What is a Forest
Forests are more then just a whole lot of trees growing over a large area. Trees are constantly changing and full of life, there are complex ecosystems. Forests provide us with useful materials, such as wood for building, or for fuel. They keep our water clean and safe to drink. Forests have strong roots to keep the soil from being washed away. Forests also help keep the air clean, store carbon dioxide, which slows the rate of climate change.
Forests Based Cultures
We may think of a forest as a place to visit, for about 150 million people in the world, the forest is home. Many indigenous people (Native) depend on forests for food,clothing, medicines and income. There connection to the forest is much deeper then that. Forests hold a sacred significance for many of them. some of there ancestors first hunted and gathered in those same lands. Often, communities living in forests hold important rituals in forests, to raise their children, and feel connected to their ancestors through the ancient trees and land.
Deforestation in Sweden
They provide homes for millions of people,animals insects,trees and fungi. By providing habitats and food for plants and animals, forests help to maintain biodiversity on earth.
The Swedish forest hosts a range of different values- economical, environmental and social.

As you can see, forests cover approximately 60% of the area. This makes it the most important natural resource.

12%- is Swedish export income.
Employs approx. 100,000 people.
Forests are cut down for many reasons, mostly for money of for peoples need to provide for families. 12-15 million hectares of forest are lost every year. That equals 36 football fields per minute.

Agriculture- Is the biggest way. Farmers cut forests to make room for crop planting, or grazing livestock. They may also cut trees, and then burn them. This is called "Slash and Burn" agriculture.
Logging operations- Provide the world with wood and paper products.

Forest Fuels- Biomass is a energy source made from plant and animal matter. (Eg. wood or animal droppings). Wood is a biomass fuel used around the world for cooking and heating in poor countries. Bio fuels make up 10% global fuel use.

Natural Factors- Not all deforestation is intentional, there can be wild fires and floods.
What does all of this Do?
It's an environmental issue,
Effects peoples livelihoods. Threatens species, and Intensifies global warming.
Reduces Biodiversity
Trees absorb green house gases and carbon emissions
Deforestation causes 15% of greenhouse gas emissions.
Biodiversity is the variety of life found on earth. And all of the natural processes.
Human Activity is responsible for most of the loss in biodiversity.
Who is Rainforest Alliance?

An international, non profit organization (includes CANADA). They work to conserve biodiversity, and ensure sustainable livelihoods.

The best way to keep forests standing is to use them wisely. Rainforest Alliance makes sure millions of acres of working forests and farms are managed. This includes everyone from large corporations to forest based communities. They also make sure logging is done responsibly so ecosystems are protected.

When we see these seals, they show that the wood products come from a well managed forest. Rainforest Alliance has many forest based carbon projects. they also help farmers, business and communities with the TREES program.

They have also created SmartSource- Improves product purchasing practices, establishes a legal traceable supply chain, ensures that certified timber products are purchased.
This all prevents deforestation, increases forest cover and conservation areas, and still generates the goods and services that we all depend on.
This is proof the Rainforest Alliance is really making a difference in the world.
Thank you, I hope you all learned something, and will contribute to help our world.
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