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Suggestopedia Method

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Alexander Jaramillo

on 2 August 2014

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Transcript of Suggestopedia Method

Suggestopedia Method
Teaching method developed by the Bulgarian psychotherapist
Georgi Lozanov
The theory applied positive suggestion in teaching when it was developed in the 1970s
Four phases of suggestopedia
Advantages and Disadvantages
Students can lower their affective filter.
Teacher can do numerous other things to lower the affective filter.
Students can acquire the aim of teaching instruction from both direct instruction and environment in which the teaching takes place.
Suggestopedia encourages the students to apply language more independently, takes more personal responsibility for their own learning and get more confidence.

In suggestopedia, learning is facilitated in a comfortable and pleasant environment.
By Alexander Jaramillo Blandón
John Alexander Jaramillo Giraldo

Physical surroundings and atmosphere in classroom are the vital factors to make sure that "the students feel comfortable and confident"
Assimilation before Analysis
Teachers should act as a real partner to the students, participating in the activities such as games and songs “naturally” and “genuinely.”

The teacher teaches the material in “a playful manner” instead of analyzing lexis and grammar of the text in a directive manner.
Concert session (active and passive)

In the active session, the teacher reads with intoning as selected music is played. Occasionally, the students read the text together with the teacher, and listen only to the music as the teacher pauses in particular moments. The passive session is done more calmly.

The students sing classical songs and play games while “the teacher acts more like a consultant”.

The students spontaneously speak and interact in the target language without interruption or correction.
Children get impacts from “the social suggestive norms” differently and their brains are more delicate than those of adults. Therefore, another method with different materials should be applied to children, which better matches their characteristics.
The method for Adults includes long sessions without movement,and materials that are appropriate for adults.
There should be 12 students in the class. Most schools in developing countries have large classes.

Some people say that suggestopedia uses a hypnosis, so it has bad deep effects for human beings.

Suggestopedia class is conditioned be child-like situation. There are some students who do not like to be treated like this as they think that thay are mature.

The more confident the students feel, the better they will learn.
The means of activating the material should be varied and playful.
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