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supply chain of a t-shirt

No description

ella bennetts

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of supply chain of a t-shirt

supply chain of a t-shirt
step 1: Texas Cotton
A t-shirt's journey begins in a cotton field in Texas. It begins with a large machine referred to a cotton cutter, which collects the cotton from the flowers in the fields. After the cotton has been collected it is then wrapped into bales ready for it to be shipped to a different country.
The bales of cotton are then shipped to Shangdon, China ( about 7,000 miles )
Step 2: Milling in China
After the bale of cotton has been shipped to china, it is then sent to a textile mil. Here, the cotton is in the spinning process, where it is twisted into yarn and then woven (or knitted) by huge machines, it is then heat-treated, washed, bleched and dryed, this process often uses toxic chemicals, which is most cases can drain into local waterways.
Shangdon to Dhaka, Bangladesh
( about 1,800 miles )
by ella bennetts
Step 3: Sewn in Bangladesh
The finished cloth is then sent to a garment factory near Dhaka where workers, some paid as little at $40 a month, cut and stitch fabric into T-shirts.
With low safety checks and regulations numerous accidents occur, including the collapse of a garment building, that killed more than 1,000 workers.

Many major clothing retail brands - Gap , H&M and Walmart and more use suppliers here.
The final t-shirt is then shipped my plane from Bangladesh to San Francisco
( about 7,700 miles )
Step 4: Ready for Retail
The finished T-shirt is shipped to a regional distribution center and from there delivered to a nearby clothing store, where is it stacked and then sold for a unbelievably low price.
Total miles traveled
from cotton farm to clothing store....

16,500 miles
Analysis - PART 3
The product of a t-shirt is a good demonstration of globalisation because many major global brands such as H&M and GAP produce this product for sale all around the world. The making of a t-shirt is a very fast process from design, manufacture and retail. The process may take as little as X weeks and involve processes in 4 or 5 different countries depending on where it is eventually sold. The speed of the process takes advantage of the improvements in communication of technology and transportation. Wealthier countries take advantage of cheap labour to produce their clothing, because it is a cheap and fast process.
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