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Getting Series-ous: How Blog Series Can Engage, Inspire, and Grow Your Audience

2012 Kid Lit Con Presentation

Kelly Jensen

on 29 September 2012

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Transcript of Getting Series-ous: How Blog Series Can Engage, Inspire, and Grow Your Audience

Benefiting the Community Questions/Comments? Kelly Jensen & Nova Ren Suma Getting Series-ous:
How Blog Series Can Engage,
Inspire, and Grow Your Audience stackedbooks.org distraction99.com What's a blog series? Developing a Series Contacting contributors... Working Out the Details Scheduling content... What works... Promoting Your Series Collaborating with
bloggers, authors,
and the book world... Why We Do This Brainstorming
series-worthy topics... Soliciting
Feedback Collaboration
& Engagement Blog Series as an Author...
or Aspiring Author In the Works Unconventional Blog Tour Series on STACKED Series on distraction no. 99 October
Month YA Debut
Interviews Turning Points Presenting Lenore: Dystopian February/August More Kidlitosphere Blog Series Colleen Mondor: Summer/Winter Blog Blast Tour chasingray.com presentinglenore.blogspot.com Claire Legrand: Middle-Grade Memories claire-legrand.com Why? How creating a blog series benefits the kidlit community...
and YOU What...? Who...? Building a diverse group of writers
How to approach
Being flexible Series length and optimal times
Book release dates for authors
Sharing time with co-bloggers
Avoiding too much content Giving notice to guests
Optimal moments with authors
Keeping and sharing an archive How often to tweet
Other social media: Where is your audience? Giveaways Giving back to the kidlit community... Blog Series as a Blogger, Librarian, or Other Professional Contemporary Week 2012 Overlooked Books What Scares You?
2012 Horror Month 2012 Blogosphere Series vs. Blog Tours Publicity & marketing requests And, but, or... Being inclusive
Maintaining your own voice Keeping your blog yours
Passive promotion
Policy bending Differences Blogger-driven
Self-selecting promotion
Scheduling Melissa Walker: Cover Stories melissawalker.com
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