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The Perfect Tense in German

An explanation of how to use the perfect tense in German, with some examples and questions at the end.

Rashenda Chapman

on 14 January 2011

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Transcript of The Perfect Tense in German

The Perfect Tense in German. To talk about things that have happened in the past. Last weekend I played rugby.
In 2006 I won the football competition. 3 basic elements: Subject + auxiliary verb + past participle Who/what you are talking about. haben or sein What you did. ? The children went ice skating You have to use an auxiliary
verb but you have to choose
the correct one.
In General you use haben
except for verbs of movement,
which use sein. went
walked Examples Wir sind ins Kino gegangen. Ich habe ein T-Shirt gekauft Er hat ein Buch gelesen Ich habe Tischtennis gespielt Ich habe Tischtennis gespielt Ich bin nach
Deutschland gefahren. How to form the past participle for regular verbs take -en off the infinitive
add ge- to the front
add -t to the end
spielen -> gespielt Practice!

I played football.

We bought a cd.
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