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How do we use magnets in our everyday lives?

macie poole

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Magnetism

Using magnets in our everyday lives Toys
Electronics Navigation/Transportation Astrology Medicine polly pockets pockets have magnets in them they are used when u take the clothes on and off. my sister used to play with these all the time when she was little. Microphones use electromagnets to send signals through a cord to an amp or a speaker after being vibrated by a voice through the microphone Magnets are used to relieve the symptoms of MS (multiple sclerosis). A vehicle-suspension type of permanent magnet-levitation transportation system has an elevated track structure defining a bed with a ferromagnetic levitation track on the underside thereof and a spaced parallel control track composed of ceramic magnetic material having transverse polarity orientation also running on the underside of the bed Stars are suspended in the sky by gasses and magnets; the Earth is also held on its axis by magnets by the poles. (north & South)
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