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Wind turbine

No description

Gavin Russo

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Wind turbine

Wind power

Costs for wind turbines range from 1,000 to 4 million dollars Individually depending on the size and the place of installation.

1. Wind is unlimited so we have infinite energy.
2. Wind energy does not pollute the earth/green house effect
How long it takes to install a wind turbine?

3. Wind power is one of the cheapest alternate energy sources
Down sides of wind power
It generally takes about two weeks to install a wind turbine.
Although this may vary depending on the size of the wind turbine.
4. Wind power can energize up to 1,400 homes. (only if the turbine is big enough)
1. Wind Turbines are very loud.
2. Lots of birds and bat fly into wind turbine.
3.pepole think wind turbines are very ugly.

4 Electricity isn't always consistent, some times there will not be any electricity at all, sometimes there will be lot's.

5 when wind turbines are being built there is some pollution

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