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The Taiga Biome

The Taiga Biome: A Prezi By Andrew, John, And Cristian

John Phan

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of The Taiga Biome

The Taiga Biome The Taiga Biome Is Located
Mainly In Northern Canada
And Russia. Mainly On Mountain
Piedmonts. Taiga Location The Taiga's Plants And Adaptations Whats The Difference Between A Tundra And A Taiga?! One Major Difference Is That The Taiga Is Snowy, And A Little Bit Warmer. While The Tundra, Which Is Another Word For "Cold Desert", Rarely Gets Rain Or Snow, Like A Desert, The Taiga is More Like A Deciduous Forest, Which Gets A Decent Amount Of Rain. In The Tundra, The Dirt Is Frozen, So Not Many Plants Grow In It, Which In Turn, Not Many Herbivores Live There, Which Affects The Carnivore Population. So, To Sum It Up, The Animal AND Plant Population Is Smaller In The Tundra Than The Taiga By:John Phan ,Andrew Kinsey, And Cristian Argueta Animals and Adaptations The Taiga Might Be Cold, But It Has A Lot Of Life Flourishing In It.
For Instance, The Evergreen Species Of Trees
Live Mainly In Taiga Biomes.
One Adaptation Of The Evergreen Species Is The Ability To Conserve Water In Its Leaves.
Another Plant In The Taiga Is The Paper Birch.
An Adaptation Of The Paper Birch Is This Flexible Branches, So They Dont Snap Under Loads Of Snow. A Few More Plants Are Silver Poplars, And The Eastern Red Cedar. The Taiga Gets Pretty Cold In Summer AND Winter. So Whats The Climate?
Well, Winter Is The Longest Season In The Taiga (Duh.) The Lowest Average Temp In Winter Is -65*F, While The Highest Is 30*F.
In Summer, The Lowest Temp Is 30*F, While The Highest Is 70*F. So, Its Not ALWAYS Frozen. Taiga Climate One Animal In The Taiga Is The Canadian Lynx. Its Main Adaptation is Meerly Its Strength. Its Also Very Quick For Its Size. Another Animal In The Taiga Is The Wolverine. Its Main Adaptation Is The Ability To Tear Through Frozen Meat. That Means It Can Almost Never Starve, Unless It Runs Out Of Food. 2 Other Taiga Animals Are The Bald Eagle And The Long-Eared Owl. Taiga= Red Tundra= White Resources Used In This Prezi blueplanetbiomes.org .com Prezi.com Special Thanks To: Its Took Us A while TO
Make This Prezi. We
REally Enjoyed Making This, ANd REally Hope You Enjoyed It Too. Thank YOu For Watching, And Hoped You Learned Alot From Our Prezi About Taigas. Again, Thank you For WAtching Our GREAT Prezi! Peace! Thank You!
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