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Kathleen B

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of G-DRAGON

August 18th, 1988
Little Roo'ra
At 8 years old, after his contract with Little Roo'ra was terminated, Jiyong was scouted by SM Entertainment and was a trainee at the company for 5 years.

A.K.A Kwon Jiyong
The birth of Kwon Jiyong.
This was the day G-Dragon was born.

A birthday cake is a symbol that is commonly used to represent birthdays.
G-Dragon is the child at the bottom
At 5 years old, Kwon Jiyong was part of the group "Little Roo'ra".

This was his first debut in the music industry.

Microphones are commonly associated with singing and music
If not for SM Entertainment, G-Dragon may not have decided to continue his music career.

The logo used is the logo commonly seen to represent SM Entertainment.
Year 8
When Jiyong was in third grade (still 8 years old), he drew in interest in rapping after being introduced to the American group "Wu-Tang Clan".
This was his start to becoming a rapper.

The symbol used is Wu-Tang Clan's logo, as they were what inspired G-Dragon to become a rapper.
Year 13
At 13 years old, Jiyong left SM Entertainment, as he was unsure about what he wanted to do in the company.
If he hadn't left SM Entertainment, he wouldn't have joined YG Entertainment, and thus G-Dragon would not have existed.

Suitcases are an item commonly associated with "going away" or "leaving".
In 2001, Jiyong participated in the album "Korean Hip-Hop Flex", becoming the youngest Korean rapper at age 13.
This was G-Dragon's first appearance as a rapper.

The picture used was the art cover for the album
YG Entertainment
After participating in "Flex", Jiyong was recommended by Sean of the hip-hop duo "Jinusean" to YG Entertainment's CEO, Yang Hyun-suk. He then signed with YG Entertainment and begun his training.
This was when he joined YG, the label he and the rest of Bigbang are currently signed to.

The logo used is the logo most commonly seen to represent YG Entertainment
During his trainee years,he and fellow band member Young-bae (better known as Taeyang), were part of a hip-hop duo named "GDYB". The group featured in various artist's albums and even released a number of singles.
This was when Jiyong came up with the stage name "G-Dragon".

The symbol used is a common logo for G-Dragon.
August 19th, 2006 was when G-Dragon officially debuted as the leader and one of the two rappers of the Korean group, "Bigbang".
Being a member of Bigbang is what G-Dragon is most known and regarded for.

The logo above is the logo Bigbang is most commonly associated with
Bigbang released a mini-album in 2007 named "Always". The lead single was written by G-Dragon and was also the group's first number-one hit.
This marked the first of many hits self-composed by GD

The image used is the cover art for the "Always" mini-album
G-Dragon's solo debut was on August 18th, 2009 with the album "Heartbreaker".
The album is one of the more popular things G-Dragon is known for

The mask is an icon used on the cover art of the album, and is also seen in the music video of "Heartbreaker". It is one of GD's most famous symbols.
Right Round
The lead single of the album, also named "Heartbreaker", was allegedly similar to Flo Rida's "Right Round", and G-Dragon was accused of plagiarism. Later, the record label that produced the song claimed they saw no similarities.
This was the first of G-Dragon's "scandals", and the event was highly talked about when it occurred.

This was the cover art of Flo Rida's "Right Round".
Flo Rida
On March 16th, 2010, G-Dragon's company contacted Flo Rida's representatives asking that he feature in G-Dragon's live album "Shine a Light". The two collaborated to create a new version of Heartbreaker, featuring Flo Rida.
This was GD's first of many collaborations with an artist from overseas.

The image above is the cover art for "Shine a Light".
First Solo Concert
G-Dragon's first solo concert was in December of 2009. He was accused of obscenity and suggestive content in his concert, but charges were all dropped in March of 2010.
This concert marked the first of many solo performances (and controversies).

The Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare were those who sent government prosecutors to investigate the happenings of the concert.
GD & T.O.P
G-Dragon and fellow band mate T.O.P released a collaboration album named "GD & T.O.P" on December 24th, 2010.
This was the first collaboration between two members of Bigbang, and the album was extensively promoted, including numerous performances and even a world-wide premier showcase.

The image used was the cover art for the album.
Fired Up
GD and fellow Korean singer/entertainer, Park Myungsoo, released a song named "Fired Up" as the duo "GG" on June 2nd, 2011. The song featured GD's fellow label-mate Park Bom of 2NE1,
The song topped various Korean charts and was an "all-kill", meaning it made it to number 1 on the 7 biggest music sites in Korea.

The logo above is the logo of one of the biggest Korean music sites "MelOn"
Marijuana Scandal
In October of 2011, it was reported that G-Dragon had been tested for marijuana and had come back as positive. He was not charged, but halted his promotions and was given time to reflect on his actions.
This certain "scandal" is one of the more talked about scandals in G-Dragon's career.

The marijuana leaf is a symbol obviously associated with the drug
One of a Kind
G-Dragon's next mini-album was released in September of 2012, called "One of a Kind".
One of the two featured singles, holding the same name, earned him two awards for "Best Hip-Hop/Rap Song of the Year". The other single "That XX" topped the charts immediately after its release. The album sold over 200,000 copies, making it the highest selling solo album in Korea since "Heartbreaker".

The logo for the album is one of the most, if not the most, used symbol used to represent GD. It's also seen on various G-Dragon merchandise.
G-Dragon 2013 1st World Tour
G-Dragon held his first solo world tour on March 30th, 2013 to promote his album "One of a Kind", starting in Seoul, South Korea. He then went on to perform in various other countries across Asia, and ended the tour with his last concert in Seoul.
The tour spanned from March to September, and is the first solo tour of GD's- which is a big achievement.

The image above was the poster used to promote his tour, listing the dates and cities of the concerts, more to be added along the way.
Coup D'etat
His latest studio album named "Coup D'etat" was released in early September of 2013. It features various artists and producers, such as Missy Elliot, Diplo, Zion T., and more. GD and Missy Elliot performed their collaboration song "Niliria" at KCON 2013 in LA.
This is his second studio album, and topped various charts in Korea, as well as on iTunes in various countries. The music video for one of the singles also called "Coup D'etat" has been wildly discussed and garners over 5 million views on YouTube

The image above is the cover art for the album.
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