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Poweshiek County Energy Guide 2013

No description

Audrey Todd

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Poweshiek County Energy Guide 2013

Let's Save Money and Energy! What You Can Find Here Rebates & Where to Get Them for Owners, Businesses,
Renters, and Farmers! Residential What can you get a rebate for? Businesses What can you get a rebate for? Renters Do I qualify for rebates? Farmers What can I get a rebate for? Poweshiek County 2013 Energy Guide Let's weatherize your house! Can we weatherize, too? Before you rent, to find out the average utility bill Energy Saving Tips Get Help Paying Your Bills Learn to Save Money When You Save Energy Cut Your Energy Costs To make an appointment for an energy audit, contact MICA (Poweshiek County Family Development Center) at 641-236-3923 Click me! Find loans to finance energy updates for businesses and farms To get your rebate, click to find the right claim. What is Weatherization and How Do I Do It Alliant will give you rebates for Energy Star Rated Appliances: clothes washers, dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, room air conditions, doors, and windows. They also have rebates for: natural gas boilers, natural gas furnaces, electrically efficient fan motors, central air conditioners, room air conditioners, air source heat pumps, geothermal (water to air or water to water), water heaters, annual heating system maintenance, clock-programmable thermostats, attic insulation, foundation insulation, in-wall insulation, home sealing, CFL light bulbs, indoor light fixtures, LED lighting bulbs and fixtures, wind renewable energy, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal water heating, new home construction (BOP, A-BOP, or Energy Star) Washers, refrigerators, dishwashers,
freezers, room air conditioners, electric water heaters, circulating fans, automatic milker takeoffs, heat reclaimers, milk precoolers, scroll compressors, variable speed drive, doors,windows, high efficiency fan/motor combination, thermostat or environmental controllers, HLVS fans, light fixtures, livestock waterers, low-pressure irrigation systems, high efficiency motors, variable frequency drives, solar photovoltaic, wind, anaerobic digeters, biomass, custom rebates, and new construction Clothes washers, freezers, refrigerators, dishwasher, room air conditioners, doors, windows, commercial refrigeration equipment, commercial cooking equipment, clock programmable thermostats, water heaters, natural gas furnaces, natural gas boilers, central air conditioning (units less than 65,000 Btuh), commercial heat pumps, commercial cooling systems, insulating and building sealing, geothermal (water to air or water to water) systems, indoor light fixtures, commercial lighting replacement fixtures, occupancy/vacancy sensors, commercial LED lighting, permanent lamp removal (delamping), high efficiency motors, variable frequency drives, desktops and integrated computers, tin clients, servers (single configurations or families), PC network management software, solar photovoltaic, wind, anaerobic digesters, biomass, commercial new construction, appliance recycling, landlord/renter rewards, vending machine controls Yes, but you have to check with you landlord
before you purchase things for your place.
You can get the same rebates as those listed under
"Residential" Can I weatherize my home? Yes, but once again check with your landlord or have Alliant do it for you!
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