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Insight generating

One of the best models of teaching and learning

Bina Natural

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Insight generating

Insight generating model Step 4: -
Choosing actions in response to your reflection on the data of your life Step 2: -
Understanding the meaning
of the data; What is it that I know for is true about
these conditions and
what is it that is unclear
about these conditions? Step 3: -
Weigh the value, place,role and efficaciousness of the data Step 1: -
Identify and pay attention to the data of your life the situation with the Kirpan-
what would you have done if you were
the teacher- before
it was taken to Supreme Court,
how would you have dealt with it?
How would your strength and weakness
have helped or hurt that situation? Scenario: -
Our Aims project in Dr. Nolan's class is a great example of an insight generating project. Bernard Lonergan's method

Insight Generating is
a 4-step Process

"According to Lonergan
insight lays compacted, amorphous within a person requiring the necessary conditions to unfold (Potvin, 2012).'' Identify which parts of the workshop
you found yourself paying most attention to?
What "a ha" moments did you have during the workshop?
What is the take away from the workshop that you would consider using in your professional practice as a teacher? Kirpan story

"Gurbaj Singh Multani, a 12-year-old Grade 7 student
at Ste-Catherine Labouré school in Montreal,
is playing with other kids in the schoolyard
when his kirpan falls out of his cloth holder.
He picks it up and puts it back into the holder.
But the mother of another student sees it and
complains to school officials that she’d seen a weapon.
Later that day, the school principal asks Gurbaj to
remove his kirpan but he refuses and is sent home."

"The dagger was a kirpan and Gurbaj was wearing
one because he is a baptized orthodox Sikh.
Orthodox Sikhs say the kirpan is not a weapon but
a religious symbol which must be worn at all times.
But others said, symbol or not, any kind of knife has
no place in a school environment. When the school board’s
governing body ruled that a kirpan violated its ban on
students bringing "dangerous and forbidden objects"
onto school property, the dispute headed to the courts … and
ultimately to the supreme court (http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/kirpan/ )." http://www.slideshare.net/mickstravellin/how-to-create-an-insight

http://www.freechildrenstories.com/story_details.php?st_id=235 URLs...
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