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Ernest Hemingway

No description

Vlad Poliakov

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Ernest Hemingway

Quotation 1
When Hemingway was treated in Milan, 1918, he fell in love for the first time with Agnes von Kurowsky, a nurse seven years his senior. They promised to marry each other later in the year of 1919 and sure of the engagement, Hemingway returned home to USA in January. However, just two months later, in March, Agnes wrote to him, telling that she was now engaged to an Italian officer.

After this Hemingway had hard trusting his future relationships, often leaving his partner before she got the chance to leave him.

Thus he married four times. He had several love affairs and expected his wives to give up their careers when they married. Hemingway has been described as very "macho" and his attitude towards women and relationships couldn't be easy for his wives to handle.

In early 1918, Hemingway signed on to become an ambulance driver in Italy for the Red Cross.
Work and legacy
Loves and wives
World war I
Hemingway worked for the Kansas City Star in 1916. Although he only stayed with us for six months, he helped set up this paper's guidelines.

He participated in World War 1 as an ambulance driver. There he suffered difficult traumas which affected some of his later work and vision of death.

He then worked as a reporter for many years, for newspapers like Toronto Star and as freelance. He covered the spanish civil war and the world war II.

He was part of a group called the lost generation with among others for example Ezra Pound, Scott Fitzgerald and Sherwood Anderson.

Hemingway wrote many different kinds of modern literature during the 20'th century but mainly he wrote short-stories.

He was awarded the nobel prize in 1954 but he couldn't attend the prize ceremony because of the wounds he received in the plane crash earlier that year.

In the 8'th of July, Hemingway was wounded by mortar fire, just visited the front line. In despite of his wounds, he helped Italian soldiers to safety, for which he received the Italian Silver Medal of Bravery

Thus Hemingway can not just be seen as one of our greatest authors but also as a war hero. A man who doesn't see to his own good, but who's courage allow him to help others.

Because of his wounds, he stayed at a Red Cross hospital in Milan for six months. The war had a major impact on Hemingway's view of death, which could be seen in his books.
3 Juli 1961
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Could be a suicide!
Ernest Hemingway found dead!
A Farewell To Arms
"A Farewell To Arms" is a novel which is divided into 5 books. The novel is about Frederick Henry and Catherine Barkley, during the Italian campaign in World War 1.
Frederick was serving as a Lieutenant in the ambulance corps of the Italian army and Catherine Barkley was a nurse in Milan.

Frederick has been wounded in the knee and was sent to a hospital in Milan where he met Catherine.
In the second book, they show how the love between Frederick and Catherine all the time grows and get bigger and bigger. They spend the summer together while Frederick's leg was healing.
After that he returns to his unit, and kills an engineering sergeant for insubordination, and then escapes from the local battle police who want to kill him.

Yesterday Ernest Hemingway shot himself in his house in Ketchum, Idaho, with his shotgun. The other medias are talking about a accident but we have a sources at the hospital who's claiming that Hemingway commit suicide. (page 6)

Hemingway should have been depressive for months and received different kind of treatments such as electro shock treatment. He was treated earlier this year in a hospital after he was seen sitting with his shotgun. (pages 7,8)

In 1954 Ernest Hemingway was involved in two plane crashes in Africa. He then got badly wounded and thereafter have had drinking problems.
After the revolution in Cuba, many of Hemingway's properties, including his book collection of more than four thousand books were taken by the government.
In Hemingway's later years his eyesight become worse and he had problems reading and writing. He also begun having problems structuring his texts. Hemingway couldn't continue writing as he used to.
(In pages 17, 18 other famous authors who knew Hemingway are giving their thoughts about Hemingway and why he took his life.)
The Kansas City Star
For a long time now I have tried simply to write the best I can. Sometimes I have good luck and write better than I can.
Ernest Hemingway
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