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Joshua Lin

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Consolidation

CFS = Container Freight Station
CY = Container Yard
NVOCC = Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier
All Water
Dimensional Weight (dim weight)
(L x W x H) / 166 = DW in lbs

(L x W x H) / 6000 = DW in kgs
Weight and Measures
1000 Kgs = 1 CBM
TEU = Twenty foot Equivalent Unit
1 FEU = 2 TEU
FEU = Forty foot Equivalent Unit
20' container
40' container
40'HC container
45' container
(40'SD or 40'GP) GP = General Purpose
MB/L = Master Bill of Lading
HB/L = House Bill of Lading
Sea Waybill
B/L = Bill of Lading
MAWB = Master Air Waybill
HAWB = House Air Waybill
Moverment of cargo from a port over water, then over land to a port on an opposite coast.
MLB = Mini Land Bridge
A carrier-designated facility at which LCL cargo is received from consignors for consolidation and loading into containers.
A shipment of cargo that does not fill a container and is merged with cargo for more than one consignee or from more than one shipper.
LCL = Less than Container Load
A facility at which FCL and empty containers are received from or delivered to consignors and consignees by or on behalf of a carrier.
A shipment of cargo that fills a given container either by bulk or maximum weight.
FCL = Full Container Load
Moverment of cargo from a port over water to a port.
Air Shipment
An air waybill of lading that covers a consolidated shipment of goods and lists the consolidator as the shipper.
A bill of lading issued by a freight forwarder for consolidated air freight shipments.
Ocean Shipment
A document issued by a carrier to a shipper, signed by the captain, agent, or owner of a vessel.
Straight bill of lading
Shipper's order bill of lading
Clean bill of lading
Claused bill of lading
It indicates that the shipper will deliver the goods to the consignees. The consignee need only identify himself to claim the goods.
It is a title document to the goods, issued "to the order of " a party, usually the shipper, whose endorsement is required to effect its negotiation.
It is a bill of lading which contains notations which specify deficient conditions of the goods and / or packaging.
It is a bill of lading where the carrier has noted that the merchandise has been received in spparent good condition and which doesn not bear such notation as "Shipper's load and count," etc.
A ocean transport document which is not a document of title/negotiable document.
Capacity: 33 cbm (1165 cft)
Actual load: 26 cbm
Capacity: 67.3 cbm (2377 cft)
Actual load: 56 cbm
Capacity: 76 cbm (2684 cft)
Actual load: 65 cbm
Capacity: 85.7 cbm (3025 cft)
Actual load: 75 cbm
Dry, Reefer, Open top, Open side, Flat rack
Dimension convert

1 cubic ft. = 1728 cubic inch
1 cbm = 35.315 cubic ft.
Weight convert

1 kg = 2.2046 lbs
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