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The Problem with Prezi (Jim Harvey)

How to use Prezi's 3D and fade-in effects. Remember: your story is still the top priority. For more presentation advice, visit www.jim-harvey.com @impacttips

Kate Shirey

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of The Problem with Prezi (Jim Harvey)

3D Prezi 3D for your zooming pleasure! Step To where you want to be... by step by step So you can get from where you are Hide parts of your presentation
and reveal them create introducing If you must- Fade-in
Animation Image Credit: http://www.tripsgeek.com/hot-air-balloon-adventure-in-nile-valley-egypt/valley-of-the-kings-and-thebes-from-hot-air-balloon/ lets you your ideas to a new dimension.. Prezi, the zooming presentation software, is depth curiosity inspire and zoom Remember all you funky Prezi fans 3D and fades don't make your presentations better than PowerPoint A pig in a pretty hat... ...is still a pig Fade-in Animation & But just because Be very scared!! What does Prezi do for a poor presentation??? NOT visuals that
bury the hero
...doesn't mean you should can... http://www.jim-harvey.com/what-does-prezi-do-for-a-poor-speech/ is a brilliant tool for presenters- these new features can help you do a lot a clear message strong story structure visuals that support the speaker Great presentations need Email: jim.harvey@allcow.com
Jim's Blog:
Telephone (UK): +44 (0)1832 272 773
Twitter: @impacttips We are a consulting, sales and training company helping global businesses and organisations make the most of their people, skills and opportunities. My team and I have been helping global companies deliver brilliant messages with Prezi for 4 years. Prezi Design & Training Contact us here: for emphasis jim.harvey@allcow.com I Love Prezi- I've been using it since the launch way back in 2009. Jim Harvey Yes we know that... For details of our Prezi training and design services please click here: http://www.jim-harvey.com/?page_id=178 And thanks to Drew Banks for the idea http://www.jim-harvey.com The Problem with
Prezi just a thought Great presentations need more than just great visuals http://www.jim-harvey.com Congratulations on the launch of 3D and fade-in; I've used Prezi and here's a thought... presentations and speeches for myself and major corporate clients. hundreds of times for pitches, I'm And whenever you're making a speech- You're a hero
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