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"Complete" Dog Training Advice

Learn the complete ways to train your dog in every aspect just like dog trainers.

Allan Beaulieu

on 27 July 2011

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Transcript of "Complete" Dog Training Advice

Complete Dog Training Advice You're Here Because....... Welcome To The Dog Training Advice Area Train your dog to obey
Train your dog to behave
Train your dog to be housebroken But you may be facing one of two problems Your dog doesn't listen
Your dog barks, jumps on guests, chews, digs, bites etc..
Your dog goes potty everywhere but outside 1. First time training. Don't know where to start!

2. Tried Training. Little to No Success. Frustrated. At
Wits' End! However, Those Aren't the "Real" Problems The real problems are the bad sources of dog training information out there! Cruel People, Books,Websites teaching punishment methods such as:
pulling your dog's leash
electric shock collars etc.. Confusing Info
Asking a dog training question:
-To friends
-Dog trainers
-Online dog training forums

Only to get 200 different answers leaving you more confused than before you asked the question... Incomplete Info
People giving incomplete dog training advice.
Leave out information needed to train your dog properly and completely. Beware of Incomplete/Misleading Info

Dog training books claim they have the "one" dog training technique that can completely train any dog breed.

Think about that for a second...... There are over 400 different dog breeds
all with different personalities. What you and your dog need and deserve...
And what me and my wife want to give you in our
free Dog Lovers Center newsletter is what we call... The advice we give you is free and you get it by signing
up for our Dog Lovers Center email newsletter. Once
inside we give detailed advice on training your dog in
every aspect such as: Obedience Training
Behavior Problem Correction
Severe Behavior Problem Correction (Aggression, Anxiety etc)
Potty Training
Behave Around Children, Adults, Other Animals But that is not all we give you. That advice alone is not enough to
completely train your dog quickly and effectively. We show you a
"complete"dog training process which includes detailed info on:

How to structure your dog training process
How to prep your house for a puppy or new dog
How you should structure your training sessions We also include methods professional trainers use to get dogs trained as quickly and effectively as they do such as:

Knowing your dog's perception, how he/she thinks and responds in situations and why? The why is very important.

Strengths and weaknesses of different dog training techniques.

How to tailor training methods to your dog's breed so your dog gets the most out of the training. That is how you can train your dog quickly and effectively. I will also show you the online dog training resources that I've learned from. They taught me this "complete" way to train a dog like professional trainers do!

These online resources are comprehensive and give you more advance dog training methods that make it easier for you to train your dog while making it easier for your dog to learn. I'm just a regular person who is madly in love with dogs

Someone who, after all the setbacks and frustrations, finally learned a complete way to train dogs all from certain awesome ebooks. Do you really think it’s possible that all of them respond to the same
one technique?

Of Course Not. Some of these sources of information
are Dog training guides that give you general, incomplete guidlines for training your dog
Leave out details and techniques that professional trainers use to train dogs in every aspect. Who Am I? I'm Allan B. Codling All the training methods me and my wife learned and the ones we will teach you are based on positive reinforcement training

We don't punish dogs. That is why when you join our free Dog Lovers Center newsletter I send you my "Don't Punish Your Dog" video/report

"Don't Punish Your Dog" will show you the weaknesses and negative effects of punishing your dog(even just yelling) They provide you with a complete understanding of your dog's breed and personality and how to figure out which way is the best way to train your dog.

These online recources are easily downloaded and many of them come not only as reading material, but also video and audio options that make for a complete learning experience. A dog lover who completely trained his dogs and has been volunteering training rescue dogs at a shelter.

Someone who wants to show you and as many people as possible how to avoid the bad dog training advice out there and follow quality and complete dog training advice! Free "Train Your Dog" Video/Report Scroll Down To Read Below
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