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Ethnographic Presentation

Overview of Missouri economic indicators, MERIC services and products, and specific workforce development tools practitioners could find useful

Lorena Mejia

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Ethnographic Presentation

Lorena L Mejia
ANTH 421
Ethnographic Presentation
My Research Question:
are New Millennium Secondary School students are socialized into the school's
expected behavior
and why is the school
not succeeding
New Millennium Secondary School
Schools' Profile
Location: Carson City
History: Has recently relocated from Carson Mall to Gardena High School.
Setting: Consist of 10 classroom, a pathway where students gather during lunch time
Population: 250 +, however was higher at the other location, 450+
Culture background: 95% African American, and 5% Latinos (teachers, students, and staff)
After-School program: Yes, the After-School-All-Stars.
School curriculum: English, Math, Science, History, Art.
Extra-curriculum: Held by the after school program. Basketball, baking, dance, cheer, and debate team.

My Hypothesis:
The school has a disciplinary issue because they lack structure and consistency.
1 hour in teachers classroom during 7th period
I work at the school from 3-6pm M-Th
Observed Mrs. Foxworth Spanish class
Mrs. Navarro, "Why are the teachers and staff struggling to discipline the students?
Student "X", "why students here do not follow school rules?
Discipline issues...
From the interviews I discovered that the reason why the school has a hard time implementing school rules is because they have no support from the parents. Mrs. Navarro shared a situation that occurred in the school. The situation consisted of eight girls who got into a physical fight. Mrs. Navarro, the eight girls and the parents of the students held an intervention. During this intervention a parent commented something that led to parents, teachers, and students verbally fighting with each other. One parents made a comment during this altercation, “We should let these eight girls just fight it out in the back of the school, this will solve the issue.” Mrs. Navarro with a shock expression and disbelief was force to suspend all eight students and to end the remediation.
8 girls physical fight that led to parents fighting

1301 W 182nd St, Gardena,
CA 90248
(310) 999-6162
New Millennium Secondary
According to “Maximum Security: The Culture of Violence in Inner-City Schools” John Devine, states that one must stop being in denial that “public school in inner-city face violence just like in the street.” Teachers, parents, and students must begin by accepting the truth. They must see that this issue is a growing and parents must support the school rules and respect it. Many of the time this is the reason why they cannot discipline the students, because parent as well as students, are in denial of such issue.
Disciplinary issues link to....
Case #1
Male Student
"My mother and father abandoned us at a very young age. My little brother, me and my other brother have no home. My little brother was shot at the age of 13 is a bouncy house when he did a gang sign. My brother older brother is always in-out-of-out of jail."
Case #2
Female Student
"My father is a cocaine addict, he has been in-and-out of my life".
“It is often in the darkest
skies that we see the
brightest stars.”
-Richard Evans
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