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ACT Math Review

ACT Math Prep

Terri Rech

on 27 March 2011

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Transcript of ACT Math Review

ACT Math Pre-Algebra
23% Intermediate Algebra
15% Elementary Algebra
17% Coordinate Geometry
15% Plane Geometry
23% Trigonometry
7% Overview Tips for Success How do you feel about math? What are your strengths? Weaknesses? ACT
Superhint About 50% correct = 21 Answer Questions:
- Working out the Problem
- Intuitively
- Working Backwards (Pick C 1st)
(Try to answer question before looking at options.) 14 Questions 10 Questions 9 Questions 9 Questions 14 Questions 4 Questions Sine; Cosine; Tangent & reciprocals
LOS, LOC, Identities,
30-60-90's, 3-4-5 Triples 33/60 Algebra-Related 23/60 Geometry Prohibited Calculators
TI-89 or TI-92 and the TI-Nspire CAS
* handheld, tablet, or laptop computers
* calculators built into cell phones Every test has 24 pre-algebra
and algebra I problems.
More pre-algebra than anything! PLAN Test- Sophomore year
4 parts of PLAN test are the same as the ACT Get psychologically prepared.
-Do not spend lots of time studying.
-Some stress or anxiety may help and should be expected.
-Know what works for you. Stress is positive as long as it is not distress. Avoid Distress:
Show up early with the following items:
1. Admission ticket/letter
2. picture/student ID
3. Sharp pencils
4. Calculator that you are familiar with
5. Clothing-- layers to adjust to the room's temperature Positive Attitude Along with a Positive Attitude,
What to do before the test:
Eat your normal/decent breakfast
Do NOT stay up late studying or partying
Get up in the morning with plenty of time
Read the directions from the sample test
Take the practice tests http://www.actstudent.org/sampletest/index.html http://prezi.com/melwbo2pmwo2/act-math-tips/ http://www.actstudent.org/sampletest/math/math_01.html English----75 Questions-45 minutes
40-42=18 Math---60 Questions-60 minutes
20-27=18 ACT Scoring Reading---40 Questions-only 35 minutes
18-20=18 Science---40 Questions-35 minutes
17-19=18 Tests are always in the same order There is no penalty for a wrong answer! Always answer each of the 215 questions! Math Practice Questions http://www.actstudent.org/sampletest/math/math_01.html Reasoned Guessing
If you cannot identify the best answer, then look for the bad answers...cross them off and guess from the remaining choices. Just Random Guessing will give you 51 questions Correct! Eliminate only 1 bad answer and guess will give you 68 questions correct. Questions tend to be easier early in the test and tend to get more difficult. There are also some very easy questions placed throughout the test. Prealgebra Questions:
Fractions, decimals, percents,
ratios, averages, word problems,
definitions for example Intermediate Algebra:
Exponents, square roots, factoring,
linear equations y=mx+b, Inequalities <>,
solving systems and graphing lines & parabolas. Geometry
Triangles, angles, lengths,
area, perimeter,volume, circles,
and parallel lines. Strategies Legal cheating Plug in answers & check Take 2 tests (105 minutes) and get a break- bring a healthy snack. Last 2 tests take 70 minutes. Writing test is another 30 minute essay test. If start at 8 AM,should be done by 12:15 or
1 if taking writing test. Math test
Only test with 5 answer choices
All other tests have 4 answer choices
Cross out incorrect answer choices on test booklet
Increases your chances of a higher score Write time test ends on last page of each test to help you keep track of time. Get practice questions online or ask teacher for practice packets. Pick up before you leave
ACT tips sheet
Test Directions
Math Fact Sheet http://www.actstudent.org/sampletest/math/math_01.html
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