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No description

Ivan Domo

on 7 August 2016

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The book has the connection of fantasy and reality, on this story it will enable you to realize what the difference is and how the fantasies differ to the reality. The events happen in the arcade house. It will give us lessons that we should remember and apply to our life. The characters are the boy (son, and later, a shop keeper), parents of the boy, a girl, girl’s boyfriend, and the shop keeper. Now this is the summary for the story or book.
A seven year old boy with his father is walking along the street. All stores were brightly lighted, except for one store that was dark black and has blinking and flashing lights. Bombs, shots of a pistol, booms and pops is heard as they pass by. They went to the store.
The store were full of boys, playing arcades. His father brought him a chair where he can stand to reach the keyboard. His father plays space invaders, but he died quickly. His father put in a new quarter, but he died again, then another set of game. On his last game, the coin slot jammed. So, his father went to the store keeper.
The storekeeper wore a nylon necklace and keys hanging on it. The storekeeper take the necklace off and put the key into the hole and fix, the machine started up again. He could still remember the machine and what he felt when the game started. The man controls all the games, power and pleasure to his hand or on that necklace with keys. The only thing he couldn’t remember was what the man looked like.
Then that night, the boy used to dream of disappearing. He's facing the mirror and trying to disappear. First, he used to stare at his reflection at the mirror, and then he imagine that his reflection disappear. That he was no longer there. But his mother caught him staring at the mirror.
His mother asked him why he's staring at the mirror and when he try to explain that he wanted to disappear, he was brought him by ear and his mother commanded him to forget that foolishness. His parents sent him out of the house to play with the neighborhood’s kids. But he never play with them because they were loud, rowdy, and rough, and pushed him away to the ground and made fun of his hoody.
They bump him or just leave him ahead of his house. The boy just waits for his mother to work some chores for him to grab the mirror without noticing him.
Then his father brought him to the arcade again where he found the world that he was destined to inhabit. He play again, the gun's shot has the rhythm: bang, bang, bang, reload.
While he was playing, the machine brought him to the other places, other world where he can be another person, and made him different people. As he watched the light of the shots from the gun and feel himself slowly fading into the screen. He always play arcade in few years. He zoned out himself from his parent’s sermon. His parents went abroad. He push himself away from the real world. He drop school and used to work to an arcade, as a storekeeper, in the shop near the mall.
The boy used not be anyone in this world because he knew that there's another world for him, a world that he is awesome and important. For a few years, he lost himself in the arcade. The only thing that he brings himself back to the real world is the occasional letters, calls, and packages from his parents from abroad. Until he met a girl.
She always went to the arcade every Sunday with his two brothers. They played different games in the arcade. She is an ordinary costumer. He hadn’t seen her as more than arcade visitor until he saw her one day. Wearing a dress that made the boy remembers the pink dress of the princess in the games: Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros.

For him, the girl is the Princess Toadstool that always needs his help and always thank him for rescuing and saving her from the enemies. The girl brought the boy back to the real world. He always remember the face of the girl.
One Friday, the girl comes to the arcade with her friends wearing school uniform. The girls in mustard colored dress and the boys in blue pants. He remember the days when he was studying and attending classes and when they only attend periodical examinations, he's playing arcade before going home.

He was back in the reality when he saw the girl holding one boy's arm. He saw his Princess Toadstool with a villain and he waited his chance for him to attack and destroy the castle of the man. The wait was'nt long, because the boy, started to call the girl as a stupid, a waste of time, and a mistake to hang out with.
The storekeeper, put him outside the arcade. He grabbed him in the collar and led him out of the arcade and handed him over the guard. He used to take the girl into the back room where she could sit down.
He doesn't know what to say so he didn't say anything to the boy and used to stay with him until her friends came to get her. As she was leaving, she thank him and the boy told that he notice her every Sunday. She smiled and flattered. Then he said that he'd see her Sunday, and she smiled and left.
After that day, he didn’t play any games. He waited for Sunday where she would come in. And he watched her as they come in with her brothers. Her brothers moved from game to game and she followed them. When the machine they are playing malfunctions, she called him.
He put the key to the hole and twist it. He twisted the key again so that the boy can have a free credit. When he got to the machine where he left the girl and her brothers, they were gone. He felt disappointed.
Then the girl's brother came up to him and said that his sister was calling him. So he went over the racing game because he saw the girl sitting to it. He fixed the machine and smiled, and the girl smiled back to him.
He waited her to recognized what happen on Friday, what he'd done for her. She just gave him a blank smile and thanks him for fixing the machine. After that, he felt so down and alone. He thought that no one bothered to notice him. He felt that it is just because of the key on his necklace.
People just call him to fix the machine. People only approach him when they need a turn of the key. But in the game, he was awesome, and he felt important.
He waited for the time that he was alone. He turns the key to machine and started the game. He watched himself fading away, disappearing. And when he saw that the game was started, he used to play. Every time he play, he doesn’t feel blank. When he's playing the arcade, he couldn’t feel useless anymore.
Then one morning, the guard found a gun hanging to its arcade machine and a copy of master key was stuck to the machine's slot. The guard thought that the employee from the night shift just forgot it so he returned it to the owner of the arcade. The owner asked the guard if he notice the late shifter and the guard said that he didn’t.
They don’t remember and recognize the boy who works to the arcade in the past few years. The owner thought that the boy will not show up for work so find a new guy. After a week, they needed to replace one of the machines, that machine has a key that stuck on it slot and it started the game and never stops.
The gun's shot has the rhythm: bang, bang, bang, reload.
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